Chris Blades and Ed Denehy teach a pavement maintenance workshop

2015 Fall workshops

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2015 Highway School

David Orr, Jim Spenser,  Richard Rudolph, and Lynne Irwin at Richard's 60 year attendance award ceremony at the 2015 Highway School

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2016 Highway School - June 6 - 8


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Intersection & Interchange Geometrics (IIG) Training Workshop

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Rochester - June 30
Syracuse - July 01
Albany - July 02
Poughkeepsie - July 14
Hauppauge - July 15

Spring newsletter

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Mid-lane crosswalk located at Cornell University, Ithaca
Quick Answer

What does the Board need to do in order to have the Highway Department install a mid-block crosswalk?

The Vehicle and Traffic Law (V&T) Section 1660 (14) allows the Town Board to... read more

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