2016 Statewide Conference on Local Bridges

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Oct 26-27 / Agenda (draft) / Register

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Dr Lynne H Irwin, PE (1941-2016)



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Walk-Bike New York: A Liveable Communities Symposium
September 13-14
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Pavement Management Quarterly Webinars (Featuring CLRP staff)
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October 20, 2-3.30 pm

Quick Answers

What is the Highway Right-of-Way?

All kinds of folks ask this question: private citizens, municipal officials, law enforcement, and highway departments. The problem is that the real answer can be very complicated. In some cases there IS not a clear, easy answer. This is because many highways in New York State are defined as 'highways by use', as specified in Highway Law - Section 189 (see the full text below). At first blush this... read more

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