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Homemade Delineators

In the last week of March of this year [2007], I was up in Lewis County visiting Tom Sweet, the County Highway Superintendent, to help them select the best repair for the premature road failure shown in the photo. Right next to the spot in question, and along many of the other roads in the area, I noticed a number of 7-10 foot long brush switches stuck in the ground at the edge of the shoulder, each with a piece of reflective tape wrapped around them at a point about 6 feet off the ground. I asked Tom about these. He said that the County puts up these homemade delineators each year. The snow is so deep that normal 4 foot delineators are not long enough and do not survive long enough to justify spending money on more permanent markers. This is just one example of a creative and lowcost alternative fix for a situation or problem which would otherwise entail using a much more expensive solution. As we come across more of these, we will include them here in Nuggets & Nibbles, so let us know! Likewise, just as Tom did, if you have a road failure, a highway safety question, or any other situation where a visit from a Cornell Local Roads Program engineer would be more helpful than a phone call, please drop us a line, and we will schedule a visit. Who knows, we may even learn something new while we are visiting!

Road showing homemade delineator

Summer 2007

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