Cornell Local Roads Program

#11 - Quick Dialing for Special Services

You may be aware that 811 is now a Nationwide number for call before you dig services. Whether you are in the Dig Safely New York region upstate or the Dig Net of New York City and Long Island, you only need to know one number: 811.

What you may NOT know is that all of the other three-digit “11” numbers from 211 through 911 have now been assigned for other special purposes. 011 and 111 are used with special telephone services or international calls.

211 - Information about local health and human services resources

311 - Government information and nonemergency services (active in New York City and other large cities in the US and Canada)

411 - Telephone number directory assistance (there is a fee for this service in many places)

511 - Traffic and traveler information

611 - Used to report a problem with telephone service

711 - Used with Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) for the deaf and hard of hearing

811 - Call before you dig

911 - Emergency services

Fall 2009

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