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A View from the Road—May 2016

David Orr PE, Director, CLRP

We are nearing the end of our spring workshop season and are getting ready for Highway School. This spring we have cancelled one workshop so far and couple of the remaining ones have low registration numbers. We need 15 in a workshop to make it worthwhile to hold the class. We hate to cancel workshops, but have to look at budgets just like you.

David Orr, teaches the new Running YOur Highway Department

David Orr, teaches the new Running Your Highway Department

If you learn one thing at a workshop and take it home you, have had a good day (and so have we). It could be how to patch a pothole using a truck's tire to complete the job ("Throw and roll") from our Pavement Maintenance workshop. Maybe it's determining the amount you need in your equipment replacement budget from our Running Your Highway Department workshop. Maybe you share a problem with another attendee during a break and take that idea home. When I worked for Yates County, I once learned a trick about traffic lines that saved the county $30,000! That class was on slope stability, not traffic lines. We can all learn from each other!

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CLRP training opportunities

Spring workshops

Here are the remaining offerings for our spring workshop series.


Highway School

6–8 June, Ithaca College

Selected topics:

  • Americans with Disability Act
  • Legal Panel
  • New Superintendent’s Big Picture
  • Piggybacking & Purchasing
  • Pavement Preservation
  • Guiderail and Roadside Safety
  • CHIPS–Local Funds
  • Snow & Ice Control

Other training

EPA's Draft 2017 Construction General Permit

The draft permit has a 45-day public comment period which will end on May 26, 2016.

Test your knowledge

Interesting articles

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Winter Maintenance Photo Contest ($50 prize)

Texas flooding causes dramatic culvert washout

Highway department paving plans focus on finding funds

2016-17 CHIPS and PAVE-NY Allocations

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