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A View from the Road—March 2017

David Orr PE, Director, CLRP

What is wrong with this picture?

Image removed by sender. Uncovered work zone sign
In and of itself, nothing very serious. Yes, a permanently mounted sign is supposed to be higher above the ground (What is the minimum height of a sign?), but the sign is visible and nice and bright at night. The real problem is that this sign has been up continuously for over 5 months, day and night. Either the flagger is getting a lot of overtime or the sign should have been covered when not in use. If work zone signs are left up when not needed, they will not be effective when they are critical. Leaving the sign up is a little like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling. Drivers will learn to ignore this sign as well as all other flagger signs placed to help keep you and your crew safe. The irony is that the flagger sign coming from the other direction is covered!
Image removed by sender. Covered work zone sign
Cover, turn, or remove your work zone signs when not in use. This includes overnight and even when taking a lunch break. Let's teach the drivers that a flagger sign means an active work zone with attentive, engaged traffic control workers.

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Highway School Competition

The winner of our Highway School cap is Raymond Langlois, former Superintendent of Public Works, Village of Interlaken DPW.
Image removed by sender. Raymond Langlois wearing a 2017 Highway School cap
Congratulations, Ray!

Don’t forget this year’s Highway School, 12–14 June at Phillips Hall, Ithaca College, Ithaca

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