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A View from the Road—May 2017

David Orr PE, Director, CLRP

Welcome to Paving Season

The graph below is an update of one our previous Director, Lynne Irwin, produced in 1993. It is based upon discussions we had over the years. It shows the chances of your paving success based upon typical weather conditions for New York State. The solid line shows the probability of success for work with asphalt emulsions, that is, chip seals, micropaving, cold mix, and the like. The dashed line shows the probability of success for hot mix asphalt paving. The closer to the middle of the summer, the better your chances the pavement will last as long as you expect.

Graph showing likelihood of successful paving over a year

The hot mix season 'starts' a little sooner, and 'ends' a little later, but it is still best to pave closer to the middle of the paving season. You can pave late or early, but the risk of failure goes up dramatically. The graph illustrates why we recommend the following for paving:

  • Wait until after Memorial Day to begin all paving operations.
  • Try to do as much of your paving as possible in July and August.
  • Complete all cold-mix paving and chip seals by Labor Day.
  • Complete all hot-mix paving before Columbus Day.

This, of course, assumes you build the pavement properly. More details on these operations can be found in our Asphalt Paving Principles and Pavement Maintenance workshops or by coming to the Highway School next month.

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CLRP Workshops

Spring Workshops

A Highway Department’s Legal Liabilities
  • May 24—Oswego County
  • May 25—Livingston County
Asphalt Paving Principles
  • May 9—Putnam County
  • May 10—Delaware County
  • May 11—Warren County
Local Roads Done Right
  • May 16—Genesee County
  • May 17—Wayne County
  • May 18—Jefferson County
Road Safety 365
  • May 23—St Lawrence County
  • May 24—Fulton County
  • May 25—Greene County

Location details are on the website.
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Engineering Workshops

Design of ADA Curb Ramps and Pedestrian Access Routes
  • June 27—Monroe County
  • June 28—Broome County
  • June 29—Albany County
Geosynthetics in Pavement Systems
  • August 8—Cayuga County
  • August 9—Oneida County
  • August 10—Dutchess County

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Wanted—Students for CAMP internships. If you are interested or know someone who would be, please contact Geoffrey Scott, Technical Assistance Engineer at 607-255-2806 or

Other Training

BDIS Survey

NYSDOT, in cooperation with the Cornell Local Roads program, respectfully requests that you complete a survey regarding the use of the NYSDOT Bridge Data Information System (BDIS) software. BDIS is used for bridge inspection purposes and is a web-based tool available to bridge owners for accessing all highway bridge inventory, inspection, and load rating related information.

The survey will take only a few minutes to complete. Your response to this survey is very important, as it will be used to address communication protocols, training needs and software updates relative to BDIS. We appreciate your response by May 8, 2017.

Learn more about BDIS.

If you have any questions, please contact

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