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View from the Road - November 2017

David Orr PE, Director, CLRP

What do roads and bridges, elections, and friends & family have in common? We sometimes take them for granted. I was reminded of this last week with a mailing from the American Society of Civil Engineers. Their Infrastructure Report Card for 2017 rated all infrastructure in the USA as only a D+. The highway and public works agencies across New York State (and the nation) do an amazing job of keeping things moving on a shoestring, but eventually the shoestring may break, especially under stress during a storm or disaster. 

This week we should go to the polls to vote on several issues, but it is likely that less than a quarter of the folks in New York State who are eligible to vote will do so. With such low turnout, every vote counts. Finally, we need to remember our friends, family, coworkers, and those folks who do things we don't even think about, mostly without being asked. Imagine no volunteers to run the local sports teams, no one to place flags out next week for Veteran's Day, or no special note in your lunch that makes you smile.

Go vote, say thank you to someone you have never thanked before, and volunteer for something. All three will help you live better and longer.

ASCE Infrastructure Report Card:

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