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View From the Road
– David Orr, P.E.

July 2021

Citius - Altius - Fortius (Faster - Higher - Stronger)
The motto of the Olympics


I'd like to see the Olympics live. I've only watched it on television.
- Shania Twain

Twenty-Five years ago, my wife and I were able to go to the Atlanta Olympics. While it was exciting to see gold medals given in women's soccer (USA), men's water polo (Spain), and men’s team gymnastics (Russia), the best memories were seeing folks from all over the world cheer for their country and also for everyone giving their all.

We saw two team handball games; which is very popular in northern Europe. The women's team from Norway had a following of several hundred fans and a guy dressed like a Viking leading them in cheers. During the first game (before their team played), the Norwegians cheered every good play and rooted for everyone to succeed.

Sometimes we may have to compete, but many times we should be cheering each other on and working together for a common goal. We know we can overcome more working together than we can alone. We don't have to have someone dressed as a Viking rooting us on.  But we may want our hard hat and safety vest!

NYSLTAP-CLRP Summer Topical Tuesday Webinars

Topical Tuesday Webinars are held from 9am - 10am EST most Tuesdays throughout the summer.

July 13, 9:00am - 10:00am: Intersection Signs and Markings

Intersections are one of the most critical locations for safety. Having good sign distance and the proper signs and markings can go a long way to making all users of the highway safe. In this session, we will review the most critical issues regarding intersections and give you tools to improve safety for all users.
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 July 20, 9:00am - 10:00am: It is never too late to start a budget

Developing your budget has never been more important. Join Tim as he covers the basics of developing a budget and how to be ready to present our budget to the board.

Instructor: Tim Hunt
Tim has been both a Town Highway Superintendent and a Town Board member in Cazenovia. His over 15 years of direct governmental experience serves CLRP and its students well. Cazenovia in Madison County is a moderate sized town with just over 7,000 people and is the home to Cazenovia College.
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 July 27, 9:00am - 10:00am: Intermunicipal Agreements &
Shared Services

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 August 3, 9:00am - 10:00am: Off the Rails: Safety Along
the Roadside

Instructor: NYSLTAP-CLRP Director David Orr, P.E.

To improve driver safety, many agencies turn to guiderail. During this webinar, David will discuss steps that should be reviewed prior to installing rail, how rail works, and the basics of a proper roadside barrier.
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 August 10, 9:00am - 10:00am: Federal Aid Projects (PDH)

Instructor: NYSLTAP-CLRP Director David Orr, P.E.

Agencies that get federal aid are sometimes blindsided by the requirements in the federal process. There are certain critical steps needed to make a federal aid construction contract work. In this one hour webinar, David will give you some of the basics and help you understand and start on the journey to successful project using federal dollars.
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 August 17, 9:00am - 10:00am: Erosion: soils, slopes, mitigation and maintenance

Instructor: NYSLTAP-CLRP Technical Assistance Engineer Geoff Scott, P.E.

Erosion is costly to the environment and to the bottom line. In this session Geoff will discuss erosion issues and ways to mitigate and maintain surfaces prone to erosion.
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 August 31, 9:00am - 10:00am: Snow and Ice Control Chemicals

High quality snow and ice control works best with an understanding of the materials used to provide winter maintenance. In this session Jim will discuss the various chemicals and how they can be used solid, liquid, and pre-wetted forms.

Instructor: Jim Craw
James “Jim” Craw has been on the forefront of snow and ice control innovation for over 36 years. His experiences include 20 years with the Town of Manlius and over 16 years with the Villages of Fayetteville and Manlius. He has helped many other highway agencies develop snow and ice control plans and has spoken at the Highway School in Ithaca and the NYCOM Public Works School many times on snow and ice control issues.
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Thank you for a great 2021 Virtual Highway School - Good Roads Week!

We are looking forward to seeing you in person next year for Highway School being held on June 6-8, 2022 in Ithaca, NY.

Webinar Recordings & Presentation Materials Coming Soon!

Save the Date for the 2021 Statewide Conference on Local Bridges: Being held
in-person on Oct 19-21, 2021

NYSLTAP-CLRP Engineering Workshops

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Virtual - (NHI) Traffic Signal Design & Operation - 12 PDHs
4-Day Course Dates: September 13 - September 16
Cost: Registration Fee $0, PDH Fee $0


NLTAPA National Conference - Open to All!

Tuesday July 20th – Thursday July 22nd 

9:45am – 2:20pm CT


Join us for the 2021 National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA) Virtual Summer Conference

The NLTAPA Virtual Conference brings together LTAPs and other local transportation professionals from across the country for three days learning, connecting, and more!

Additional info, agenda, and registration info available here


Training from Others

Free Black River Watershed Wednesday Webinars
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Test Your Knowledge

How close should the distributor be to the chipper in a chip seal application? (6/17/21)

The Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) guidance document referenced in the recent ADA workshop appears to be a draft. Is this a draft and where can I find the most current version? (6/3/21)

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