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The Quick Answers section is where we answers questions from people like you. These cover a wide variety of subjects of interest to local road/highway and related agencies.

If you have a question you would like answered, please email us at For additional information on any of the topics or entries posted here, contact our office, our Senior Engineer, David Orr, or our Technical Assistance Engineer, Geoff Scott. David can be reached via telephone at (607) 255-8465, or Geoff can be contacted at (607) 255-2806 or

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Is there any legal information on the placement of basketball hoops or other sporting equipment on or near the public Right of Way? (9/14/21)

Monarch Butterflies begin their annual fall migration in mid-August. What are some things I we can do to help monarchs at the local highway level? (9/1/21)

We have a soon to be dedicated road that was designed, and approved with light pole bases placed 2-feet from curb. However, in the final construction, the light pole bases are only 9 inches from curb. What are the regulations for a minimum distance from a curb on a town road? (8/19/21)

We have a 700 ft local road that will soon be dedicated as a town road, the speed limit is currently 15 mph; can we leave it at 15 mph when the road is dedicated to the town? (7/28/21)

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