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Work Zone Safety and Flagging Tutorial


Flagger stopping traffic using hand signal and red stop sign

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide the fundamentals of work zone safety and to explain the basic concepts of flagging in a work zone. This includes reminders about proper flagging equipment, placement of flaggers, appropriate use of standard signaling devices, and methods of traffic control.

This tutorial is intended as refresher training for New York State rural town, county, and village public works crews, Highway Superintendents, and their seasonal laborers. This tutorial may also be useful to New York State utility workers, law enforcement officers, and emergency response teams who occasionally need to redirect traffic. It is not intended to replace comprehensive instruction on the topic.

This tutorial has recently been checked to be sure it meets the current 2009 National MUTCD and the 2011 NYS Supplement to the National MUTCD.

If you would like to test your knowledge of work zone safety, click on any of the lessons above and review the questions.




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