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Review Lessons 1 & 2

For the following questions, click on the letter of the best response.

1. In the MUTCD, three words are used to describe the level of compliance. Which of these words is used when compliance is recommended, but not mandatory?

A) Shall
B) Should
C) May

2. Who is required by NYS Traffic and Vehicle Law to comply with the MUTCD?

A) New York State highway and public works officials
B) Private contractors
C) Utility and law enforcement agents
D) Emergency response staff
E) All of the above, when using or occupying a highway for purposes other than travel which may impact traffic

3. To increase the effectiveness and safety of the work zone and to minimize potential lawsuits, highway and local government officials should:

A) Provide warning and protection to motorists, pedestrians, and workers
B) Quit their jobs
C) Leave as many signs and traffic control devices up as possible 24 hours a day
D) Not document the placement of traffic control devices at the work site

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