Road Master Program

The Road Master Recognition Program was established as a way to recognize the achievement of local highway officials who have completed a series of training workshops.

Why Enroll?

The Road master program lets you build (and demonstrate) a strong foundation in both technical and management skills.

Completing Road Master levels gives you:

How to Enroll

Print and/or complete the enrollment form and mail it to us at the address below. Include the $10 enrollment fee. Please make checks payable to "Cornell Local Roads Program."

When we receive your application form and $10 enrollment fee, we will send you a confirmation letter. We will also send a transcript of the workshops you have attended, which we will credit toward your Road Master record. We will send you an updated transcript of your record every year.

How does it Work?

Our workshops provide a solid base of fundamental knowledge. The variety of workshops we offer allows participants to tailor the program to their individual needs. Levels one and two involve our workshops, while, levels three and 4 are intended for experienced highway professionals and focuses on management, mentorship, and training.

There are four levels of recognition.

Level 1—complete six different workshops from the list below. At the end of each workshop, complete a short quiz. These can either be completed at the workshop, or taken home and sent in later.

Level 2—complete four more workshops (and quizzes) for a total of ten different workshops.

Levels 3—Completing tasks like writing a newsletter article, participating in the CAMP program, completing a road safety audit, mentoring a new highway official, or similar activities will earn you points. Earn 50 points to achieve a level 3 award

Levels 4—Complete more activities to earn 100 to achieve level 4. Find a list of tasks below.

Current Qualifying CLRP Workshops

The following CLRP workshops qualify for Road Master credit:

Level 3 and 4 Point Chart


Points/ Requirements*

Complete RM Levels I and II


Attend additional workshops
(Up to a total of 15 workshops)

5 each
up to 25 pts

Earn a 5 or 10 year award at the Highway School


Serve on a workshop Advisory Committee

10 each up to 20 pts

Present a session or workshop at the Highway School, Bridge Conference, or other statewide association conference


Write an article for our newsletter or web site (could be a success story or a new technology you’ve tried or a policy you’ve implemented, etc.)


Provide information and photos for our staff to write an article on a project you have completed


Participate in the Pavement Management System Summer Intern Project or hire and mentor a student worker for a summer


Host one of our workshops in your municipality or serve as a facilitator at one of our workshops


Participate in a formal shared service agreement, or prepare formal policy and provide a copy to Cornell Local Roads Program


Complete a road safety audit or engineering study, present it to your governing board, and provide a copy to Cornell Local Roads Program


Mentor a new Highway Official


Serve as County-level Association President or on Executive Committee of Statewide Association (including APWA Chapters)


Serve on County-level Association board or board of local agency (such as SWCD)





Recognition of Completion

When you complete each Road Master level's requirements, you will receive the following:

Photograph of roadmaster swag: cap; mug; and pen
Road Master Achievement Gifts
Level I - choice of Cap or Mug
Level II -Wooden Pen Set


What if I attended one or more CLRP workshops before signing up for the Road Master program?

You will receive credit for any and all verified Road Master qualified CLRP workshops you have attended in the past.

Can I attend workshops if I don’t want to join the Road Master program?

Of course! Anyone can attend our workshops and conferences.

Do all of your workshops count towards Road Master credit?

A few of our workshops do not qualify for Road Master credit.

What happens if I can’t attend a Road Master workshop I registered for, or if I have to leave early from a workshop?

The usual cancellation policy applies. You will need to take another workshop in order to receive that Road Master credit.

Who can enroll?

Anyone! Most of our training participants are primary highway and public works officials in New York State. But, you do not need to be a highway official or even work for a highway department to enroll. If you are interested in improving your technical and management skills and building and maintaining a safe durable road infrastructure, you will benefit from attending our workshops.

New Road Master Graduates

Level 1

Level 2

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