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The Road Master Recognition Program was established as a way to recognize the achievement of local highway officials who have completed a series of training workshops.

What is a ‘Road Master’ workshop?

Most of our workshops qualify for Road Master credit. Every workshop registration form (mailed flyers and web postings) tells if that workshop qualifies. The current qualified workshops are listed to the right. Download this brochure for more information.

There are two levels of recognition. To achieve Level I, you will need to take six different Road Master workshops, any six. That’s it! To reach Level II you need to first achieve Level I and then take four more credited workshops, for a total of ten.

How to Enroll

Print and/or complete the enrollment form and mail it to us at the address below. Include the $10 enrollment fee. Please make checks payable to "Cornell Local Roads Program."

When we receive your application form and $10 enrollment fee, we will send you a confirmation letter. We will also send a transcript of the workshops you have attended, which we will credit toward your Road Master record. We will send you an updated transcript of your record every year.

Qualifying Workshops

Recognition of Completion

When you complete each Road Master level's requirements, you will receive the following:

Photograph of roadmaster swag: cap; mug; and pen
Road Master Achievement Gifts
Level I - choice of Cap or Mug
Level II -Wooden Pen Set

New Road Master Graduates

Level 1

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