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FHWA: Local Elected Officials Leading the Way in Local Road Safety

FHWA: Communicating About Local Road Safety with Local Elected Officials Techniques for Practitioners

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Accessible Sidewalks - Design Issues for Pedestrians with Disabilities (GI385)
U.S. Access Board, (41 minutes)
Shows why good design, construction, and maintenance of sidewalks, crosswalks, etc., are vital for pedestrians with disabilities. Four segments discuss design issues for pedestrians: wheelchairs, ambulatory impairments, low vision, and blind.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials, and engineers.

Arc Welding© (GI136)
Cornell University, Media Services, 1980 (1 hour 20 minutes)
Five parts: running a stringer bead in flat position, cutting and piercing holes, horizontal tee-weld, flat position butt welds, and braze welding. This video is available for purchase from Cornell University Media Services: 607-255-8162.
Suggested audience: maintenance welders.

Roadeo (GI157)
New Mexico Highway and Transportation Department (8 minutes)
Explains New Mexico’s Equipment Roadeo, an annual event in which equipment operators from six districts compete against each other in skill tests on various types of heavy equipment, including motor graders, front-end loaders, dump trucks, and backhoes.
Suggested audience: highway superintendents and equipment operators.

SI Metric for the Workplace: Introduction to Metric© (GI227)
Workplace Training (15 minutes)
This video is perfect for those rusty with the basics of metric. It covers the history of the SImetric system, the difference between hard and soft metrics, and the basics of four metric units: meter, liter, Celsius, and kilogram.
Suggested audience: those who need an introduction or basic review of metrics.

SI Metric for the Workplace: Reading and Writing Rules© (GI229)
Workplace Training (15 minutes)
Shows how to read and write SI metric symbols and numbers.
Suggested audience: those who perform detailed work with metrics.

SI Metric for the Workplace: Units of Measure© (GI228)
Workplace Training (15 minutes)
Describes metric measure units. Shows SI metric symbols, derived units, and their use in highway construction.
Suggested audience: those with some knowledge of metrics.


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From Milestones to Mile-Markers
Source: America's Byways Research Center
Keywords: Historic, Preservation, Roads

Guide to Metric Conversion
ISBN 1-56051-059-5
Source: AASHTO
Keywords: Metric Conversion

ITS/Operations Resource Guide 2006
Keywords: Directory, ITS, Resources

Promoting Intermunicipal Cooperation for Shared Highway Services
Source: NYS Legislative Commission on Rural Resources
Keywords: Communication, Intermunicipal, Legal, Shared Services

SHRP Products for Local Governments
Keywords: LTAP, Maintenance, Product Ranking, Technology

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