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Dealing with Difficult Employees (AM449)
Skillpath (60 minutes)
This engaging video program is full of easy-to-apply tips and tactics, illustrated by real-life scenarios, to help you learn to use the ABC’s of communicating with difficult people
Suggested audience: managers, supervisors, team leaders.

Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers and Supervisors (AM464)
The Training Network, 2006 (17 mins)
This video helps you as a manager/supervisor effectively manage chemical dependency in your workplace. Keep your employees and your work environment safe by tackling substance abuse problems head on.
Suggested audience: Highway superintendents, and manager

Dealing with Employee Discipline & Performance Problems (AM459)
Fred Pryor Seminars (60 minutes)
This DVD will provide you with smart methods to help you get control over the problem attitudes that plague your workplace.
- Stop morale crises before they start
- Stay positive and in control – even when others aren’t
- Renew motivation
- Stop dangerous rumor mills
Suggested audience: Highway Superintendents, and crew.

Employment Practices:Exposures and Solutions (AM382)
New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR) (32 minutes)
Features a panel discussion on employment discrimination, including unlawful harassment, avoiding behaviors that could lead to claims of harassment, understanding and implementing your organization’s policies, and problem/solution scenarios.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials.

How to Deal with Negativity in the Workplace (AM461)
Fred Pryor Seminars (60 minutes)
This DVD will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to stop the negative effects of problem performers, bad attitudes, and unacceptable behaviors.
Suggested audience: Highway Superintendents, and crew.

Moving Up Into Management© (AM325)
Long Island Productions (13 minutes)
Analysis of the successful transition from employee to confident, knowledgeable supervisor. Discussions include what makes management material; supervising former co–workers; what will be expected of a manager; tips on gaining cooperation; and dealing with difficult employees.
Suggested audience: supervisors and foremen.

Self-Discipline & Emotional Control (AM460)
Fred Pryor Seminars (60 minutes)
This DVD will give you strategies to help you handle crisis and reduce stress, methods for reducing compulsive behavior, and techniques to remain in control and ease pressure.
Suggested audience: Highway Superintendents, and crew.

Town Board and Highway Superintendent: Roles and Responsibilities (AM357)
New York State Office of the State Comptroller (2 hours)
A teleconference with Mitch Morris, Associate Counsel, Office of the State Comptroller; and Kevin Crawford, General Counsel, Association of Towns. It describes the statutory powers and duties of the town board and the town highway superintendent. Questions are answered by the two attorneys on issues such as budget, equipment, duties, responsibilities, and the position of the deputy superintendent.
Suggested audience: municipal officials.

Unwelcome Advances - Sexual Harassment© (AM439)
Long Island Productions (27 minutes)
What sexual harassment is, and how to effectively address the problem. Four different situations are presented.
Suggested audience: highway superintendents, municipal officials, crews.

Violence on the Job (AM443)
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) (27 minutes)
As part of its mandate, NIOSH works with industry, labor, and academic to better understand violence in the workplace, the effects of violence on safety and health, and ways to prevent and reduce violence in the workplace.
Suggested audience: superintendents, staff.

What You Need to Know About DOT Drug and Alcohol (AM345)
PBI/Buckley Productions, Inc. (45 minutes)
Three parts covering the US DOT Alcohol and Drug Rules:
Part A: “DOT Alcohol & Drug Rules” explains the testing process, the consequences of testing positive and the role of substance abuse professionals.
Part B: “Effects of Alcohol in the Workplace”.
Part C: “Effects of Drugs in the Workplace” reviews the five prohibited drugs, the signs and symptoms of drug abuse, and the need to keep workplaces drug and alcohol free.
Suggested audience: highway and public works officials, crews, truck and equipment operators.


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21st Century Local Government: Report of the New York State Commission on Local Government Efficiency & Competitiveness
Source: Commission on Local Government Efficiency & Competitiveness
Keywords: Efficiency, Government, Planning

Handbook on Successful Supervision for Local Road Supervisors
Keywords: Administration, Management, Personnel, Supervision

Instructor's Guide on Successful Supervision for Local Road Supervisors
Source: FHWA
Keywords: Management, Personnel, Supervision

Local Government Consolidation Handbook
Source: NYS Department of State
Keywords: Consolidation, Cooperation, Local Government

Local Government Handbook (5th Edition)
Source: NYS Department of State
Keywords: Administration, Guidelines, History, Overview
Note: also have CD

Cover of the reducing Winter overtime document

Reducing Winter Overtime Costs for Highway Employees
Source: Office of the NYS Comptroller
Keywords: Budget, Employees, Highway, Overtime

Selection and Use of Engineers, Architects and Professional Consultants: 2nd Edition
Source: APWA
Keywords: Administration, Consultants, Public Agencies

Town of Preble Highway Department: Personnel Policy
Source: Town of Preble Highway Department
Keywords: Administration, Personnel, Policy

Why an Employee Handbook?
Source: AMTEK Management Services
Keywords: Employee, Handbook, Personnel, Policy

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