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Air Quality Conformity in Transportation Planning (GI311)
LTAP Clearinghouse, 1999 (20 Minutes)
The regulations of the Clean Air Act, and the harmful effects of ozone and particulates in the air.
Suggested audience: those responsible for air quality regulations and monitoring in urban and suburban areas.

Best Defense is a Good Road, The (LI036)
FHWA/CLRP (16 minutes)
This video shows how lawsuits can be minimized through good management, proper record keeping, and routine inspection by local roads officials. A court scene presents a road superintendent who is accused of being negligent in repairing a damaged road sign but is found innocent because of proper management and documentation.
Suggested audience: highway and government officials in small municipalities.

Local Government on Trial: Part One, The Background (LI309)
Pennsylvania Local Roads Program, 1995 (41 minutes)
Demonstrates the various aspects of a court case involving a contractor and a township in Pennsylvania when an accident occurs on a roadway. Shows how the case develops from the time of the accident through the complaint, discovery process, jury trial, and outcome. The township, which has 28 miles of road, is representative of any rural municipality. The program will familiarize public works officials with legal and court procedures they would encounter in a lawsuit. Part one sets the scene. Part two begins the trial.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials, and crews.

Local Government on Trial: Part Two, The Trial (LI310)
Pennsylvania Local Roads Program, 1995 (1 hour 30 minutes)
(See Part one description.) Part two depicts the trial. What to expect if you are involved in atrial, including jury selection, opening statements, attorney presentation, witnesses, and cross examination.
Suggested audience: highway superintendents, public works, and municipal officials.

Preparation for a Deposition in a Business Case (LI040)
Matthew Bender & Company (30 minutes)
Shows through lecture and drama the most common mistakes a witness can make and how these errors can be avoided.
Suggested audience: anyone preparing for or anticipating courtroom testimony.

Risk Management, Tort Litigation (LI041)
Pennsylvania DOT (30 minutes)
Explains tort liability, breach of duty, and how risk management techniques can be used to control liability. Illustrates a technique for responding to and following up on telephone complaints.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials.

Torts are Everybody’s Business (LI308)
Pennsylvania DOT, 1992 (5 minutes)
Discusses how all employees in a public works operation can be affected by civil suits against them or their municipalities.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials.

Transportation Employee as a Witness, The (LI042)
Pennsylvania DOT (23 minutes)
All about you as a witness in court. What is involved in depositions, your relationship with your attorney, your time in the courtroom as a witness including appearance, conduct, and preparation. Some tips on giving testimony.
Suggested audience: highway and public works employees who might give testimony in court or during a deposition.


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Adopt-A-Highway Agreement - Broome County
Keywords: Adopt-A-Highway, Legal, Safety

Adopt-A-Highway Program
Source: NYSDOT
Keywords: Town & Country Topics, OGS Standards & Purchase Group
Adopt-A-Highway, Legal, Safety

Adopting Local Laws in New York State
Source: NYS Department of State
Keywords: Legal, Local Laws, New York State

Americans With Disabilities Act and Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines
Source: United States Access Board
Keywords: Accessibility, ADA, Handicap

Commercial Drivers: Vehicle and Traffic Law Updates
Source: NYS Department of Motor Vehicles
Keywords: CDL, Commercial Drivers License, Legal

Consultation Assistance Available to Public Employers
Source: NYS Department of Labor
Keywords: Employees, Employers, Legal

Deposition Guide (The): A Practical Handbook for Witnesses
Source: Law Forum Press, Seattle, WA
Keywords: Deposition, Lawsuit, Legal

Drainage of Surface Waters
Source: Darrell Harp (CLRP)
Keywords: Drainage, Legal, Surface Water

Legal Aspects of the Highway/Transportation Corridor, Its Establishment, Boundaries, Abandonment, Discontinuance and Other Factors
Source: D.W. Harp Associates, Inc., Clifton Park, NY
Keywords: Abandonment, Legal, Right-of-Way

Legal Research Digest
No. 38
Source: NCHRP
Keywords: Risk Management, Tort Liability

NACE Action Guide Vol. I-7: Tort Liability
Source: NACE
Keywords: Legal, Liability, Tort

Permit to Excavate: Sample Forms
Source: Towns of Ithaca and Lansing
Keywords: Legal, Management, Permits

Real Estate Acquisition Guide for Local Public Agencies
Source: FHWA
Keywords: Acquisitions, Legal, Project Development

Ten Commandments (More or Less) for the Expert Witness
Source: Better Roads Magazine
Keywords: Expert Witness, Legal

Written Hazard Communication Program (2 sheets)
Source: John Petrie, Jefferson County Safety Officer
Keywords: Hazards, Legal, Safety, Training

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