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Everyday Safety Tailgate Talks


Tailgate (or Toolbox) talks are short informational meetings held with employees to discuss a work-site related safety topic. The term tailgate meetings comes from the practice of meeting around the tailgate of a pickup truck
on site.

The goal of holding tailgate talks is to inform employees of specific hazards associated to a task and the safe way to do a job. Tailgate talks also serve as a reminder to employees of what they already know while establishing the supervisor’s credibility and conscientiousness about his or her responsibilities for safety.

The following is a list of tailgate talks that you can take and use on your job-site. Each Everyday Safety tailgate talk comes with a sign-in sheet which allows supervisors to document who heard the briefing.

If you have questions, or an idea for a tailgate talk, please email us


How to Give a Tailgate Talk (pdf)

All Tailgate Talks

3 Points of Contact (pdf)

Aggressive Drivers (pdf)

Backing Safety (pdf)

Back Pain (pdf)

Bee Stings (pdf)

Blood Safety (pdf)

Carbon Monoxide Safety (pdf)

Chainsaw Safety (pdf)

Clean Truck (pdf)

Cold Weather Driving (pdf)

Cold Weather Precautions (pdf)

Cold Weather Slips (pdf)

Combustible Dust Safety (pdf)

Compressed Air Safety (pdf)

Confined Space Safety (pdf)

Dealing with Stress (pdf)

Disposable Glove Removal (pdf)

Driver Operator Safety (pdf)

Driver Safety (pdf)

Fire Safety (pdf)

First Aid Kits (pdf)

First Aid for Chemical Burns (pdf)

Electrical Safety (pdf)

Hearing Protection (pdf)

Heavy Equipment Safety (pdf)

Hand & Arm Vibration (Pdf)

Hand Tool Safety (pdf)

Hazards of Solvents (pdf)

Heat Stress Safety (pdf)

Hygiene in the Workplace (pdf)

Job-Site-Housekeeping (pdf)

Ladder Safety (pdf)

Lightning Safety (pdf)

Lock Out Tag Out (pdf)

Lyme Disease (pdf)

Mower Safety (pdf)

Poisonous Plant Safety (pdf)

Portable Generator Safety (pdf)

Safety Alarm Fatigue (pdf)

Safety Awareness (pdf)

School Zones (pdf)

Stretching 101 (pdf)

Teamwork (pdf)

Tire Explosions (pdf)

Tree Felling Safety (pdf)

Trenching Safety (pdf)

UV Safety (pdf)

Voluntary Respirators (pdf)

Wellness Habits (pdf)

Wood and Brush Chipper Safety (pdf)

Working Along the Roadway (pdf)

Workstation Ergonomics (pdf)


*Everyday Safety Tailgate Talks are produced in association with the National Local Technical Assistance Program Association (NLTAPA)

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