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Better Communication: The Key to Public Works Progress
Source: APWA
Keywords: Communication, Public Works

Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems: Successful Practices
Keywords: Budget, Communications, Decision Making

Example Letters to the Public Re: Road Reconstruction
Source: Multiple sources
Keywords: Communication, Public Information

Fight Winter and Win: A Survival Guide for Public Officials
Source: American Public Works Association
Keywords: Public Relations, Snow and Ice

Handbook on Training for Road Departments
Source: NACE
Keywords: Training

How to Deal With the Media
Source: University of Nevada Technology Transfer Center
Keywords: Communication, Media

How to Talk and Communicate at the Same Time
Source: NACE
Keywords: Communications, Training

Improving Roads by Improving Communication: How to "Sell" a Road Improvement Program to the Voters
Vermont Local Roads Program
Keywords: Communication, Public Relations, Road Improvement

Mastering Media Interviews
Source: The Bridge - University of Michigan
Keywords: Communications, Interviews, Press

NACE Action Guide Vol. I-1: Organization
Source: NACE
Keywords: Communications, Management, Organization, Planning

NACE Action Guide Vol. I-8: Public Awareness and Support
Source: NACE
Keywords: Communications, Media, Public Relations

Presentation Tips
Source: NYSDOT
Keywords: Communication, Presentation

Trainer's Guide
Source: NACE
Keywords: Training

Working with Difficult People
Source: American Management Association
Keywords: Communication, Workplace

Writing for the Technical Professions
ISBN 0-321-01122-8
Source: Kristen R. Woolever
Keywords: Technical, Writing

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