New York State Local Technical Assistance Program


Our resource library consists of several different resources including publications, videos, and computer software


We maintain publications from a variety of sources on numerous topics. They are available to local highway and public works officials and municipal employees through our program, either free of charge or by loan via our lending library. For more information on our publications, or to order copies for yourself or your agency, contact us at 607-255-8033, or via email at


Over 350 videos are available for loan. These are a convenient way to offer formal or informal training sessions for your highway or public works department. Your only cost is to mail the videosback to us. The complete Video Catalog is available here on or website, and we also have a Video order form you can submit online. To order a printed copy of the current video catalog, call us at (607) 255-8033, or e-mail us at


We are currently developing a computer software program, Cornell Asset Management Program - Road Surface (CAMP-RS). There will be a nominal fee for thissoftware program that will include a corresponding manual. CAMP-RS is expected to be released this fall.

PDF Forms

We now have PDF forms that you can fill out and submit online. You can save the forms to your computer to use for future requests, or to distribute to your crews or other agencies. You can also print it out and mail or fax them to us if that is more convenient.

Available forms include:

Lending Library

CLRP maintains a lending library containing hundreds of titles on a variety of subjects. In addition to books and other printed matter, our lending library contains many publications on CD-ROM or DVD. If you are interested in borrowing materials, please contact us with the type of information you are looking for, and we will select the most relevant material.

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