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Air Quality Conformity in Transportation Planning (GI311)
LTAP Clearinghouse, 1999 (20 Minutes)
The regulations of the Clean Air Act, and the harmful effects of ozone and particulates in the air.
Suggested audience: those responsible for air quality regulations and monitoring in urban and suburban areas.

Bomb Threat Procedures© (GI431)
Long Island Productions (19 minutes)
What to look for and how to react to a bomb threat.
Suggested audience: highway and public works officials, municipal officials.

CCC: Making the Effort (AM361)
FHWA, AASHTO (19 minutes)
Ways to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate utility work and roadwork to minimize or avoid construction delays. Shows how seven states have developed and implemented practices for reducing delays. See: for more information.
Suggested audience: state and local highway, public works, and municipal officials.

Get More Done in Less Time© (AM045)
Communication Briefings (12 minutes)
Shows four basic steps to make time work for you so you can get more of the right things done. Topics include getting organized, controlling tasks instead of letting them control you, devising a time schedule, avoiding time–wasting interruptions, and setting long–term and short–term goals.
Suggested audience: anyone who feels overwhelmed with day-to-day work.

GHS Labels and Safety Data Sheets (#480)
CLMI (20 minutes)
The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is an international approach to hazard communication, providing a new system for classification of chemical hazards, and a standardized approach to labels and safety data sheets. In addition to the Right-To-Know training that has been around since the original standard was set out, OSHA is now requiring that employees are trained on the new labels (e.g., pictograms and signal words) and the 16 part Safety Data Sheet format. Topics covered also include:

Suggested audience: Highway Superintendents, managers and crew.

HCM For Locals (AM046)
Delaware DOT (15 minutes)
A beginner’s overview of the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM). Defines terms such as uninterrupted flow and capacity, provides simple levels of service calculations, discusses weaving, ramp junctions, and the impact of work zones on capacity.
Suggested audience: entry-level engineering technicians and planners.

Key to Intermunicipal Cooperation (AM322)
New York State Office of the State Comptroller, Division of Municipal Affairs (2 hours)
A recording of the October 25, 2000 teleconference on intermunicipal cooperation. Topics include the legal requirements of sharing services, resources, facilitating the process, and success stories from local officials involved in shared services.
Suggested audience: local highway and municipal officials interested in intermunicipal agreements and sharing services.

Maintenance Management System (AM048)
FHWA (35 minutes)
Describes a system to provide an efficient method for planning, organizing, directing, and controlling maintenance activities.
Suggested audience: county, city, and state agencies.

Moving Up Into Management© (AM325)
Long Island Productions (13 minutes)
Analysis of the successful transition from employee to confident, knowledgeable supervisor. Discussions include what makes management material; supervising former co–workers; what will be expected of a manager; tips on gaining cooperation; and dealing with difficult employees.
Suggested audience: supervisors and foremen.

Project Documentation© (AM218)
NCHRP (10 minutes)
How to keep accurate records in construction projects. Excellent summary of liability issues associated with record keeping.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials, crews, and engineers.

Special Report: Disaster Preparedness© (AM360)
Coastal (20 minutes)
General awareness–level training, including the need for emergency action plans, what the plan should include, the importance of regular fire drills, and awareness of package bombs.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials.

Subdivisions: A Local Dilemma (AM053)
Montana State Film and Television Department (27 minutes)
Demonstrates problems that subdivisions face before development is started: sewage, water, electricity, impact on wildlife, regulations and laws directed toward subdivisions.
Suggested audience: planners, municipal officials, and citizens of communities facing subdivision issues.

Your Tax Dollars and Roads (AM148)
Maine Local Roads Program (25 minutes)
Describes how evaluation of road conditions and planning of rehabilitation methods can save in the long term. How to keep good roads in good condition, and upgrade bad roads with pavement management.
Suggested audience: highway officials (to educate their boards), and boards (to educate the public)

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