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Video: Road Design (RD)

Accessible Sidewalks - Design Issues for Pedestrians with Disabilities (GI385)
U.S. Access Board, (41 minutes)
Shows why good design, construction, and maintenance of sidewalks, crosswalks, etc., are vital for pedestrians with disabilities. Four segments discuss design issues for pedestrians: wheelchairs, ambulatory impairments, low vision, and blind.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials, and engineers.

Driving Modern Roundabouts (RD384)
Washington State Department of Transportation (10 minutes)
Modern roundabouts are becoming a popular choice for intersections traffic control. This video familiarizes drivers with roundabouts. A multi-lane roundabout is featured.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials, and engineers.

Roads & Loads - Finding a Balance (RD420)
Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Local Roads Research Board (19 minutes)
Pavement design basics; how loads impact roads; spring load limits; finding a balance.
Suggested audience: highway and public works officials, engineers, municipal officials.

Roadway Design: Balancing Safety, Environment, and Cost (RD240)
Minnesota LRRB (13 minutes)
Explains factors in roadway design including accident rates and increase in daily traffic; illustrates why and when clear zones, ditches, guiderails, curbs and gutters are needed; and discusses the delicate balance between safety, cost, and the environment.
Suggested audience: board members and municipal officials.

Superpave... Tomorrow’s Pavement Today© (RD255)
NYSDOT (10 minutes)
Describes the benefits of the Superpave system and what it is intended to do. Reviews the difference between the Superpave system and the Marshall Mix method. Includes interviews with the asphalt industry.
Suggested audience: highway, public works, and municipal officials, asphalt vendors, and contractors.

Understanding Superpave Mix Design (RD242)
FHWA (13 minutes)
A description of the performance-based Superpave mix design system. Provides an overview of specifications, mix design and new equipment used with Superpave.
Suggested audience: highway superintendents and engineers.

Weather and Loads: The Effect They Have on Roads (RD133)
Minnesota LRRB/Minnesota DOT (15 minutes)
Phrased in “lay terms” this video illustrates the effects of loads and weather on road pavements. Useful to municipal boards responsible for budget appropriations. Highway crews and non-engineering officials will also learn more about how roads function and wear over time.
Suggested audience: highway and municipal officials, crews, boards, schools, and the public.

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