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View from the Road - June 2014

Can a meeting with 700 people feel like a small cozy family affair? Yes, if it’s the Highway School. While it is very busy in the run up to the School and the first day can be chaotic, it still feels like a family reunion. We share stories and pictures. We reminisce and miss our friends who aren't here. We learn more from each other than in the sessions. We eat too much at outdoor picnics and hope it doesn't rain. We promise to stay in touch after we leave, but we don’t always stay in touch. See - it's a family reunion. Our family just happens to be made up of folks who make it possible for all of us to travel to our next family reunion. Next year's reunion School is June 1-3, 2015. Come join the fun, fellowship, and learn what makes this the busiest, but most fantastic week of the year. If you are here this week, thanks for coming. If not, we hope to see you here next year! - David Orr, PE

2014 pothole picnic

Fall workshops

Just a reminder that our 2014 fall workshops will be by request only. We require a minimum of 15 people for a workshop, but if you are unable to get quite enough together for a workshop please contact us and we may be able to help you get more people. Here is more information about how to request a workshop.

Statewide Conference on Local Bridges

There is still room on the agenda for Bridge Conference seminars. Please see this pdf for more information. Required seminar information can be emailed to Wayne Gannett -

21 ways to protect highway crews from the sun

As the highway construction season rolls on, the workload isn’t the only thing that increases. The amount of hours crews put into a day extends throughout the hotter months, but with more
Source: Better Roads

OGS road salt purchasing extended

The OGS deadline for purchasing road salt from the state contract for the 2014-15 winter season has been extended from May 30 by another couple of weeks. Here is a memo with more information regarding this purchase including the website address for submitting a request.

Taking Preparedness on the Go

15 amazing emergency preparedness apps.

Source: FEMA

How to Perform a Curve Speed Study

The Ohio Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Center has just published a process for establishing a curve advisory speed including videos.

New Safety Performance Function Guides Issued

FHWA is pleased to introduce two new resources for State and local agencies that are implementing the Highway Safety Manual (HSM). The SPF Decision Guide is intended to provide guidance on whether an agency should calibrate the SPFs from the HSM or develop jurisdiction-specific SPFs. The SPF Development Guide provides guidance on developing SPFs from the HSM. Go straight to the guides, or read on to learn more about these important new tools!


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