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View from the Road - September 2014

Are you ready for the next disaster? We all know blizzards, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornados, and even earthquakes are possible in New York State. Sometimes the disaster can be a small one; just a minor automobile crash. For the people involved, the crash will always be a major one. You can help by being prepared for disasters large and small.

September is 2014 National Preparedness Month. The goal is to have disaster plans in place both for home and work. If your highway department has an emergency plan and you would be willing to share with other agencies, please send it to us at We will put edited versions on our website for all to share. We will award the best plan (simple, but comprehensive; complete, but not overwritten; inclusive, but easy to follow) with a free workshop. Go to for more information. - David Orr, PE

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Rural fatalities account for 54% of all traffic fatalities even though only 19% of people live in rural areas according to NHTSA ‘Traffic Fact Sheet’.

VIDEO: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Requirements for Resurfacing Projects
Source: FHWA

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