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View from the Road - October 2014

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Social media is a rapidly changing tool that has usefulness for highway and public works departments. Your agency could post that day's repair work, or a video showing a ribbon cutting for a new culvert, or even highlight the newest employees in the department. We know of 47 highway departments that have a Facebook page. How? We have them linked to our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook and see what we have that is new. (

FYI - The winner of the best emergency plan from the September View from the Road is Theresa Burke from Red Hook. We will post a generic version of the Town's plan on the CLRP website. - David Orr, PE

The 2015 Cornell Local Roads Program’s Pavement Management Summer Intern Project (PMSIP)

What is the PMSIP?

College students are paired with municipalities to develop a pavement management plan for their highway network. Over 10 weeks, the intern working with the municipality develops an inventory, evaluates roads, prepares unit costs for maintenance practices, and produces a five-year management plan.

Why should you sign up for the PMSIP?

Reasons include:

  • get a better understanding of your road and street network
  • increase the impact of a limited budget
  • manage your highway system more efficiently

How does the PMSIP work?

Once a municipality is selected, we pair them with qualified students (we also encourage agencies to recruit local qualified students). The intern and a municipality representative attend training on the Cornell campus from May 26-28, 2015. We provide full support for the students and agencies, plus pavement management software.

How do we join?

  • review the goals and municipal requirements on our website
  • send a letter of intent, on municipal letterhead, stating your commitment to the 2015 project

What does it cost?

The intern is hired by the municipality and we recommend a wage between $12-15 per hour for a minimum of 10 weeks. The training session in Ithaca for intern and municipality representative costs a total of $60. This also includes a copy of our pavement management software (normally worth $90). Total cost for participation will cost between $5,400 and $6,600.

When do we sign up?

Participation will be on a first come first serve basis. We already have some municipalities signed up and space is limited to 16 municipalities.

Who do we contact?

For more information on the PMSIP:

Geoffrey Scott, PE


Barbara Lockwood

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