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View from the Road - May 2015

Cornell University just celebrated its Sesquicentennial (150th year) with a special weekend and Charter Day ceremony.  As I was participating, I realized that it always comes down to people. Here are the staff that allow the Cornell Local Roads Program to succeed.

CLRP Program Manager, Melissa Foley
CLRP Program Manager, Melissa Foley

Please welcome our new Program Manager, Melissa Foley. She started in mid-April and is quickly learning about the Program. Without all of the work by Mark Walker, our Communication Specialist, our new smart phone app on invasive species identification and handling would not have been possible. It should be released at the Highway School. If you call us you probably have spoken with Barbara Lockwood, our Administrative Assistant.  In addition to answering your calls, she has been helping with the details while we were recruiting Melissa. Our Technical Assistance Engineer, Geoff Scott, has been getting ready for the Summer Intern Program and even has some agencies lined up for 2016. I would be especially remiss if I did not thank Donna Simons for coming back part time to help us with the Highway School among other duties and Terry Taney, who is also filling in part time until we have full staffing. I don’t have room here to thank all of the Circuit Riders who provide much of our training and technical assistance, but, when you are at a workshop, please thank them for me.

These are the folks who really make the Program run. Please thank them next time you see them. Hopefully you will get the chance when you come to the Highway School in June.
David Orr, PE

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