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View from the Road—November 2015

Most Highway Departments are getting ready for winter and some have already experienced their first snow of the season. Good luck this winter and thank you for keeping the roads and streets clear so we can get to work, school, and even play.

Another activity we all engage in this time of year is getting ready for next year. In some cases, there will be a new highway official. Historically we expect a third of the highway officials in the state to change every two years. With elections for 840 Town Highway Superintendents (91% are elected) and some turnover in the appointed officials (92 Towns with appointed Superintendents, 57 Counties, 551 Village and 62 Cities) we anticipate over 300 new officials starting in 2016. Whether you are new or experienced there is a lot to do to get ready for 2016.

Just like you, we are planning our 2016 schedule. We just had the 2016 Highway School planning meeting and are developing a list of our scheduled workshops. We will be asking your county level associations for suggestions and want to know any dates for your meetings so we can reduce conflicts. Please let your officers know which workshops you are interested in having nearby. Due to the anticipated turnover of primary officials, we will likely have more of the fundamental workshops, but we want your feedback before we finalize our plans. Here's a list of our workshop topics.
David Orr PE, Director, CLRP

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Spring workshops

Here are our current thoughts for the spring workshop series. Details will be printed in upcoming newsletters and on our website.

What! No Basics of a Good Road? As this is an election year, this popular workshop would normally be held in spring. However, we are about to revamp this class so keep an eye out for it in fall.


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