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A View from the Road—December 2015

December marks the end of the year and the start of winter. This year, the winter solstice comes on December 21st just before midnight (11:48 p.m. EST). Interestingly, the Earth is closest to the Sun on January 4th, 2016 just as winter is starting. This shows us that it is the angle of the sun that is the real driver of the seasons.

Some folks see the winter as a sad time of cold and darkness. It can also be a time of quiet contemplation. Have you ever listened to the sound of a light snow on a cold morning? Winter also reminds us that change is inevitable. When change does come, as they say in the song: Accentuate the positive / Eliminate the negative / Latch on to the affirmative / Don't mess with Mister In-Between. Wikipedia: Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive

Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sister
Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters

Johnny Mercer
Johnny Mercer

To illustrate my last remark, our Communications Specialist and his wife, Mark & Hannah Walker, just had their second child, Jack David just before Thanksgiving. Have a happy holiday season and our best wishes for 2016.
David Orr PE, Director, CLRP

CLRP training opportunities

Spring workshops

Here are our offerings for the spring workshop series. We are still determining locations and details will be printed in upcoming newsletters and on our website.

CAMP Summer Intern Project

We are currently taking reservations for the 2016 CAMP intern project. CLRP partners engineering students with municipalities to create a pavement management plan. Interest is high and space is limited, so get in quick if you want to be a part of next year’s project.

See the website or contact Geoffrey Scott, Technical Assistance Engineer, at (607) 255-2806 or for more information.

Other training

  • December 9. Locally Administered Federal-Aid Projects: Stakeholder Partnering webinar. Hosted by CLRP

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Other training

CLRP received TOGO award

City of Ithaca and CLRP TOGO award winners

The Cornell Local Roads Program and the City of Ithaca’s Department of Public Works received a TOGO award for their CAMP intern project partnership on November 14 at Ithaca High School. The Town-Gown (TOGO) Awards recognizes “town and campus partnerships that improve the quality of life in Tompkins County and the Ithaca area.”
See the whole article in the Cornell Chronicle.

Gravel guide giveaway

Cover of the Gravel Roads Construction & Maintenance Guide

We have a number of free copies of the 2015 Gravel Roads Construction & Maintenance Guide. Contact us (607-255-8033 or for your copy or download it from the FHWA website.

Test your knowledge

Interesting articles

Sullivan County Superintendents Association collected for Toys for Tots.

Pictured: Pres. Kevin Esselmen Town of Cochecton; and V.P. Don Hunt Town of Lumberland

Pictured: Pres. Kevin Esselmen Town of Cochecton; and V.P. Don Hunt Town of Lumberland.
New York State Association of Town Superintendents of Highways Facebook page

Aerial shots show progress on Tappan Zee Bridge replacement.
Better Roads

Bipartisan Talks Yield $300 Billion Highway Bill.
New York Times.


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