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View from the Road - December 2017

David Orr PE, Director, CLRP


 Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Ideas come from many sources. It may be a simple improvement from a crew member that makes an activity or operation safer, faster, or more efficient. It may be a national initiative that can help everyone across the land do the same. The only bad ideas are the ones we never hear about. This week, interestingly, there are two new initiatives going out looking for the next best thing.

In New York State, we are launching a Build a Better Mousetrap competition to compile ideas from local highway and public works agencies (see below). At the same time, the FHWA is looking for proven, market-ready innovations to be deployed as part of the fifth round of Every Day Counts (EDC).

Between the two calls for ideas, your project has a home. Submit your ideas for a better mousetrap or an EDC innovation, and make sure that path to your door is shoveled out.

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2018 Cornell Local Roads Program CAMP Summer Intern Registrations is now Open

Information on the Cornell Asset Management Program Summer Intern Project, a downloadable brochure and registration form available here.

Winter Weather Operations Toolkit for local highway and public works departments now available

Featuring sample Snow and Ice control plans, a Snowplow Safety poster, and customizable winter operations brochures for your department or town. Available for download here.  

2018 APWA Annual Conference

The 2018 state conference will be held April 11th-13th in Buffalo. Details available on the APWA website.

FHWA Webinar on Roadside Hardware

Pedestrian Safety

  • ITSMR Report On Pedestrian Crash Trends
    • Report detailing trends from 2012-2016 available here.
  • Pedestrian Safety Action Plan Resources
    • Information on the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan including resources, information and potential funding available here.  

CLRP announces Build a Better Mousetrap Competition for local New York State Highway & Public Works Departments

Show off you or your team’s creative talents in a statewide competition featuring local innovative solutions to everyday problems faced by highway and public works departments.

  • Deadline for entry is March 12th.
  • Entry form available here.
  • Contest rules, dates, and details available here.

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