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August 2018

We recently went to New Orleans, LA for our National Local Technical Assistance Center (LTAP) Association Conference (we are the NY LTAP Center). You may have seen the announcement that the City of Beacon was a winner in the National Build a Better Mousetrap competition (see below). At the conference, I was proud to accept the award on behalf of the City. Congratulations.

I served as the conference chair and want to thank the great folks in Louisiana for helping with the logistics and details. Just like your own departments and organizations, those often unsung heroes behind the scenes are usually the ones that really make things succeed. Be sure to give them thanks when you can.

I became the President of our national association (NLTAPA) during the conference and I let the attendees know my approach for the year. I wanted to share those thoughts, my ABC's, with you as well because they are also true for us here in New York State.

The A is Audience. On my first day at Cornell over 20 years ago, Lynne Irwin told me the audience comes first. Coming from Yates County, I understood this intimately and I still keep that thought foremost in my plans and goals. When we decide to do something, how does it help the local audience we serve?

B is Better. Across the country, LTAP Centers are already best in many ways, but we can always be better. We should not be satisfied with the status quo, but at the same time, we should not get caught in the trap Voltaire warned us about; that “the perfect is the enemy of good.” We cannot wait for every traffic light between New Orleans and Baton Rouge (or between Ithaca and Albany) to turn green before undertaking the next journey.

Collaboration, Communication
The C stands for Communication and Collaboration. Yes, I know 2 C’s is cheating a little, but we need to communicate more, not less.

As for collaboration, it is the only win-win when there is more than one choice. In fact, by collaborating we may find solutions that we did not even know existed. However, we can only collaborate if we communicate, strive to be better, and remember the audience we serve.

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Congratulations to the City of Beacon Highway Department on their 1st place win at the national Build a Better Mousetrap Competition!

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