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View from the Road - David Orr, PE

November 2018

On the Road Again
Song by Johnny Cash
and Willie Nelson

On the road again
Goin' places that I've never been
Seein' things that I may
never see again
And I can't wait to get on the road again

In the second verse of the song On the Road Again, Willie and Johnny celebrate being on the road. While I like going places that I have not been before, I am always glad to be going home. When I am traveling, I also try to look for “things that I may never see again.” This year I have been traveling all over New York State and even the United States which has given me opportunities to see many new things. Before the end of the year I will have traveled to eleven different states, the District of Columbia, and over 35 counties across NY. These travels are still only counting the places where I have had meetings, workshops, or a field visit.

Why do I travel? Mostly it is for work, but weirdly I think it is fun (to a point). While on the road, I am always trying to learn something new I can share with you. Examples I have picked up in 2018 include new initiatives from FHWA’s Every Day Counts 5, an exercise we may incorporate into a new communications workshop we will be developing in 2019, sources of funds to help fund a RAP chip seal at next year’s Highway School, and new scenarios for our ethics presentation.

Meanwhile, back home is a great staff (and wonderful wife) who allow me to get out there to extend the University beyond Ithaca. We were just honored by the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with an award for outstanding extension work. The real honor belongs to the staff, my wife, and you. The staff earned the award because they help our Program run smoothly. You helped us achieve this award because of your participation and suggestions to help make the Program better. Please stay involved, attend schools and workshops, share ideas, and say hello when one of us stops by. I will be glad to visit you so you can help the travelers 'goin’ places they never been.' 

Applications are still being accepted for Free Work Zone Packages from CLRP

Remember - Priority is given to departments who lost equipment due to theft or incidental damage but anyone can apply!

Information on what is included and how to apply Available Here or just fill out the application attached to this newsletter.

The due date for these applications is December 14, 2018.

Congratulations to the Town of Oswego Highway Department for their APWA NY Central Branch Project Award.

Details on the award banquet can be found Here

Fall 2018 Edition of Nuggets and Nibbles is now available!

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