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View from the Road – David Orr, PE

November - 2019

Recently, I travelled to my niece's wedding near San Diego, California, just after the Bridge Conference in Syracuse and then went out to Olean, New York for a workshop. I drove on local roads and streets as well as state and interstate highways. I flew from one end of the country to the other and back. We sometimes take for granted how easy it is to travel across New York State and across the country.

This is so easy to do because of the construction and maintenance of our infrastructure. I was reminded that the public often does not know who is doing the work to keep this system going. This is OK. It helps us realize that we all need to work together whether we work for a small town or a state Department of Transportation. As we start the winter season, I know that the local and state agencies will keep working hard to maintain the roads and streets we use to get to work, school and play. Thank you.

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You are invited to present at the 2020 Walk-Bike Symposium!

You are invited to submit a topic for presentation at the Walk-Bike New York…Encouraging Sustainable Movement Symposium to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rochester, New York on June 11-12, 2020.  Note the new date!

Other Training & Resources

Pavement Preservation Journal Article about a new local agency membership category for the AASHTO TSP2 by Neal Galehouse P.E.

80 free TC3 courses are available from the Ohio LTAP
eLearning system.

New updated instructions on how to access these courses are
available here

AASHTO Pavement Preservation Training Modules
A series of Just-in-Time Pavement Preservation training modules have been developed by AASHTO. The 19 modules cover general Pavement Preservation principles as well as content specific to asphalt and concrete surfaced roads.

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