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View from the Road – David Orr, PE

December - 2019

We associate sleds and sleighs with Santa Claus and winter sports, but before the automobile, sleighs were the way to get around in the winter. Just like today, there were economy vehicles and luxury vehicles.  If you get a chance to attend the New York State Fair visit the carriage museum where you can see old carriages and wheeled vehicles, but also sleighs and toboggans. Imagine using these today!

Highways needed to be graded and rolled properly to allow these winter vehicles to use them. Covered bridges had to be "paved" with snow so the sleighs could use them. No matter the era, or the different ways we traveled, we have always needed a highway department to make the roads and streets safe for travel.

Submit a photo from your department for the 2020 CLRP Program Services Guide!

What is the CLRP Program Services Guide?
The Cornell Local Roads Program prints a new Program Services Guide each year for the purposes of describing our program to the local highway and public works community. This guide lists detailed information about our training and educational offerings, conferences such as Highway School and Bridge Conference, website, lending library and much more! We mail a copy to the over 1,600 highway departments across the state, hand them out at conferences and events, and make them available for download on our website.

What are the rules?

How to submit a photo?
Email a digital copy of your photo to

Deadline for submissions?
Friday, January 10th, 2020

Announcement of the Winners
Winners will be announced in January about the time we mail our guides to every department in the state. Winners will receive credit on the cover of our 2020 Program service Guide and a certificate for a free CLRP training workshop!

All photos submitted to CLRP will be available on the CLRP website through the month of January.

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Registration is open for the Cornell Local Roads Program 2020 CAMP summer intern project

More information, including training session dates, available here

Questions? Contact:
Geoffrey Scott, PE

Mark Your Calendar!

AOT Newly Elected Officials 2020
Training School

New York County Highway Superintendents Association
Winter Conference

Saratoga Hilton
1/20/20 - 1/23/20

AOT Annual Meeting and Training School
Feb 16 - 19, 2020 - NYC

You are invited to present at the 2020 Walk-Bike Symposium!
You are invited to submit a topic for presentation at the Walk-Bike New York…Encouraging Sustainable Movement Symposium to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Rochester, New York on June 11-12, 2020.

Other Training & Resources

FHWA Webinar – USLIMIT52: A Tool to Aid Practitioners in Determining Appropriate Speed Limits 
December 11, 2019 2pm – 3:30pm ET

80 free TC3 courses are available from the Ohio LTAP
eLearning system.

New updated instructions on how to access these courses are
available here

AASHTO Pavement Preservation Training Modules
A series of Just-in-Time Pavement Preservation training modules have been developed by AASHTO. The 19 modules cover general Pavement Preservation principles as well as content specific to asphalt and concrete surfaced roads.

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