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What is the proper layout for a new sign?

The official Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) for New York State is the National MUTCD combined with the New York State Supplement. The National MUTCD is maintained by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and is updated on a regular basis. The official New York State Supplement is contained in 17B NYCRR. An unofficial version is available online from the New York State Department of Transportation. The official regulation is filed with the Department of State and published by Thomson Reuters/West as 17B NYCRR. More details on obtaining both documents can be found in the CLRP website.

Once you know which sign to use, you need to know the proper layout. For signs in the National MUTCD, the Standard Highway Sign Book (SHS), published by the Federal Highway Administration, contains the actual sign layouts for specific traffic signs. Hard copies may be obtained from ATSSA. If the sign is in the New York State Supplement, the drawing showing the layout of the sign will be in the Sign Drawings section at the back of the NYS Supplement. Please note that the drawings in the NYS Supplement are not as detailed as those in the SHS. You will need to contact NYSDOT if you need more detailed information than is provided in the NYS Supplement.

Example: W6-3 Two Way Traffic Warning Sign

Below is Page 2-47 from the Warning Sign Chapter of the SHS. Note that the SHS shows the colors and all critical dimensions. The PDF version also has link to any other pages which need to be reviewed. In this case, the arrow design is shown on page 6-2. Also, the most common size is marked with the C in the Table.

W6-3 Two way traffic sign

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