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I have a bunch of old signs in inventory. Can I use them even though the designations have changed?

If the only change is the sign code number from the old NYS Volume 17B to the National MUTCD, then you can still use the sign. If the figure has changed, you should not use them. If a sign is already placed along the road, you may be able to leave it up until it needs to be replaced. Some signs have specific time limits for when they need to be updated, so check the MUTCD for compliance dates. A Sign Code Conversion Sheet in Microsoft Excel format is available for download from the NYSDOT website.

Two examples

Pedestrian Crossing

Old W5-2 Pedestrian crossing sign NEW (W11-2 W16-7p Assembly) Pedestrian crossing sign
OLD (W5-2) NEW (W11-2 W16-7p Assembly)

The Pedestrian Crossing sign has changed from a single sign with two lines to an assembly with an arrow showing the actual location of the crossing. The color can be yellow or yellow-green, but the next edition of the MUTCD will make yellow-green the preferred color and may mandate this color for pedestrian signs. When ordering new signs, the yellow-green color is a good choice so any new signs will be valid for a longer period. In this case, the old signs should NOT be used

Turn to the Right

The curve and turn signs are the same; just the sign code has changed. In this case, signs in inventory may be used.

W1-1 right turn sign

OLD (W1-2) - NEW (W1-1R)

For more information and detailed resources and references, visit the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) webpage

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