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What is the text on Reduced Speed Limit Ahead Signs?

The regulatory sign placed on the Reduced Speed Limit Ahead Signs (R3-5) shall be identical to the next regulatory speed limit sign. The R3-5 sign should be used anytime the speed limit drops by 15 or more miles per hour.

In New York State, a large portion of the section in the National MUTCD on Speed Limit signs (Section 2B.13) has been replaced by new material in the NYS Supplement. Below are examples of the six speed limit signs available in New York State for most ground-mounted signs. For a school speed zone, the W3-5 sign is replaced by the S4-5 sign and the color shall be yellow-green.

W3-5 sign

6 NYR2 series of signs

S4-5 sign

R2-1 sign

Note: The W3-5a text based warning sign is NOT allowed by the New York State Supplement.


National MUTCD - Section 2C.38

New York State Supplement to the National MUTCD

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