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Are there minimum retroreflectivity requirements for pavement markings? If so, what are the expected standards?

Pavement marking retroreflectivity is proposed for the next version of the National MUTCD and shall address the minimum retroreflectivity to mostly longitudinal pavement markings. The new standards are currently under review and may be implemented in the near future.

The proposed MUTCD text has been prepared and can be found at the FHWA’s website. Upon final rule approval of this section compliance for the implementation of a maintenance method will be required for the replacement of pavement markings that are identified as failing the minimum retroreflectivity requirements.

The minimum retroreflectivity of pavement markings (Measured at standard 30-m geometry in units of mcd/m2/lux), based on the proposed ruling, are as follows:

retroreflectivity equation

These are the minimums proposed at this time and may change upon final ruling on the section and review by NYSDOT.


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