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I heard many of the new requirements of the 2009 National MUTCD are being eliminated. Is this true?

The requirements for sign types, sizes, colors, and symbols are not being changed. What has changed is the elimination or delay of compliance dates for meeting some of the new standards. As new signs are placed or old ones upgraded, they are still required to meet the provisions of the MUTCD.

In response to concerns and comments regarding the target compliance dates for many of the traffic control devices in the MUTCD, the FHWA has modified, eliminated or extended many of the dates listed in Table I-2 of the 2009 MUTCD. Here are some of the changes that are of importance to local authorities:

Compliance Dates Being Eliminated

All MUTCD requirements still need to be followed when replacing existing signs or installing new signs.

Compliance Dates Being Extended

Changes in Standards

Many of the other target compliance dates have not changed. These items include the requirements for crashworthy sign supports (2A.19), ONE WAY signs at specific intersections (2B.40), High Visibility Safety Apparel (6E.02), and Uniform of Adult Crossing Guards (7D.04). See the MUTCD for more information. The elimination of a compliance date DOES NOT remove the requirements as set forth in the MUTCD. As each sign is upgraded it must be done in compliance with the latest edition of the MUTCD.

For additional information please refer to the FHWA website.

Updated 5/30/2012

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