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What am I required to do concerning notification, barriers etc. if I have to close a road temporarily?

I have to close off a road for 1 month to repair a small bridge. What am I required to do concerning notification, barriers etc… ?

You will need to notify County emergency management office (911) about the closure. We also recommend putting a notice in the local paper any even a sign listing the dates if the projecting is going to be a long one. You would put the dates of the closure on a sign posted near the bridge. Remember, good signage is one of your primary ways to communicate. Highway Law section 140(14) requires the Town Highway Superintendent to put up detour signs when needed.

There is very good information on detour signage in the MUTCD (section 6H has lots of good typical application examples).

Here is the typical signage layout for an offsite detour, but there are others you may want to review.

Also, NYSDOT has additional typical applications and details for work zone signage on their Work Zone Traffic Control page. While not showing a lot for closures, there is a lot of very good information on all types of work zone operations available.

R11-2 signs
R11-2 (Road), R11-2 (Bridge)

R11-3a (Road), R11-3b (Bridge)

There is a figure in the Traffic Sign Handbook that shows the signs needed for a road or bridge closure (pages 55-56) and some of the typical detour signs are shown in chapter 8.

3 types of barricade used when closing a bridge: a. partial barricade; b. road closed barricade; c. shoulder barricade
Signs on barricades



NYSDOT Work Zone Traffic Control

Cover of the Traffic Sign Handbook

Traffic Sign Handbook for Local Roads, 2011 New York State Edition, September 2011 (pdf)

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