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What are the sign regulations for attaching a "No littering" sign to a speed limit sign post?

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No littering sign is not an official sign in the MUTCD (National MUTCD or NYS Supplement). As such, putting the sign in the right of way is not recommended. We know many times localities like to place such signs along the road, but they will likely be ignored. In addition, only certain signs should be combined on a single post. Here is the text from the National MUTCD Section 2A.16 Standardization of Location.

Signs should be individually installed on separate posts or mountings except where:

  1. One sign supplements another;
  2. Route or directional signs are grouped to clarify information to motorists;
  3. Regulatory signs that do not conflict with each other are grouped, such as turn prohibition signs posted with one way signs or a parking regulation sign posted with a speed limit sign; or
  4. Street name signs are posted with a stop or yield sign.

Even if the littering sign was in the MUTCD, it would be in conflict with the speed limit sign. Drivers would have to read both signs at the same time and this can lead to more crashes.

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