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How do I sign a skewed RR crossing which can cause problems for bikes and motor cycles?

W10-12 skew left and skew right signs
W10-12 signs

The W10-12 sign is used when there is a concern that bikes or motorcycles may get their wheel trapped in the space between the pavement and the railroad rail. The sign should show the direction of the skew to help the traveler. Also, the symbol should show the approximate angle of the crossing.

W10-1 railroad sign
W10-1 sign

Note that the skewed angle crossing sign does not replace the required Grade Crossing Advance Warning sign (W10-1). Since both signs would have the same advanced posting distance and need to be mounted on separate posts where to post the signs can be a challenge. Normally the advanced warning sign (W10-1) should be posted so the driver sees it first. Distance between the signs should be far enough apart to allow drivers to react properly. This may mean the W10-1 sign is posted slightly farther from the sign that the minimums in Table 2C-4 in the MUCTD. The geometry of each site will dictate where to place the signs.

Evample of a skewed railway crossing in Seneca County


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