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What signs can be used to alert drivers to bicycles using the highway?

NYW5-32P sign

In addition to the warning signs discussed in the Quick Answer “When should I use warning signs for bikes, pedestrians, buggies, or other non-typical highway use?,” NYSDOT has a new "In Lane" sign
(NYW5-32P) plaque that can be placed under the bicycle or other alternative vehicle warning signs. The new sign should NOT be used by itself!



W16-1P sign within a No symbol

Note that the "Share the Road" plaque
(W16-1P) is no longer recommended and is being removed from use in New York State. It caused too much confusion and due to improper use it is no longer effective. The new "In Lane" sign (NYW5-32P) should be used so supplement the other warning signs, especially when the alternative vehicle is using the lane.





Shared Lane Markings

Sharrows (Shared Lane Markings –
Section 9C.07) can be used to supplement the warning signs.











Bicycles May Use Full Lane Sign (R4-11)

Also, the "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" sign (R4-11) is not allowed in NYS as “its message is not an accurate reflection of Section 1234 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, and could mislead inexperienced bicyclists into occupying inappropriate, and unsafe, positions within a roadway.”






MUTCD Section 9C.07 Vehicular Traffic Warning Signs

Cover of the Traffic Sign Handbook

Chapter 7 - Traffic Sign Handbook for Local Roads, 2011 New York State Edition, September 2011 (pdf)

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