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Can municipalities be compelled to replace their signs to meet the new retroreflectivity standards?

Geoff Scott simulating testing a sign for adequate retroreflectivity

The MUTCD requires that all municipalities must have

“implementation and continued use of an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain regulatory and warning sign retroreflectivity at or above the established minimum levels.”

There is no agency that will force a municipality to replace the signs unless Federal funds are involved. However, if an agency fails for follow the method they chose for maintaining the retroreflectivity of traffic signs, the liability to the agency is significantly increased.

The brightness of signs at night is critical to safety of the public. If too many agencies fail to maintain their signs using the current regulations, the next time the regulations are changed, they may be more restrictive and force signs to be replaced to ensure public safety.



What do I have to do to meet the sign retroreflectivity standard that goes into effect on June 13, 2014?
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Maintaining Sign Retroreflectivity

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