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I have heard that NYSDOT is removing X-lite guiderail terminals because of concerns that they may be dangerous. What, if anything, should I be doing?

Lately there have been concerns as to the safety of
X-lite guiderail terminals following a series of vehicle impacts that have resulted in fatalities.

When crashed into at high speeds, all guiderail terminals are dangerous and it has not been established that the X-Lite is more dangerous than other terminals.

However, in response to heightened public concern, NYSDOT decided to remove the few X-Lite terminals (43) that had been installed.

It is likely that there are very few, if any, of these terminals in use on local highways. If you locate any X-Lite terminals locally, you may contact either NYSDOT or FHWA for further guidance on their acceptability at that time.



FHWA Official Response

Emmett McDevitt, FHWA

Terry Hale, NYSDOT


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