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Does a highway superintendent have to publically advertise a vacancy for a position even if they already know of a person who is interested and would be a good fit for the Picture of the words we're hiring written on a chalkboard.position?

According to Highway Law 140(4) the Highway Superintendent has the authority to hire employees provided there is adequate funding set aside by the Town Board.

140. General powers and duties of town superintendent. The town superintendent shall, subject to the rules and regulations of the department of transportation, made and adopted as provided in this

4.Within the limits of appropriations employ such persons as may benecessary for the maintenance and repair of town highways and bridges, and the removal of obstructions caused by snow, subject to the approval of the town board, and provide for the supervision of such persons.

In general, there is no statutory requirement that vacancies in a highway department be advertised. How the hiring process is conducted is at the discretion of the Highway Superintendent with some potential exceptions:

It is also always a good idea to consult with your town attorney and the county civil service commission in case there are civil service rules that require posting or notification or if there are equal employment policies to consider


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