New York State Local Technical Assistance Program

What resources are available for property owners who have problems with stream bank erosion on their land?

The New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) and your local county Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) are both great resources that can provide good information on erosion and stream bank issues. The best place to start is the local SWCD. These offices work with anyone; residents, municipalities and farmers; to address a variety of water related issues including erosion.

Stream erosion is a major contributor of sediment in local creeks and rivers and because of environmental regulations, any work within, or on the banks of, streams or creeks require a stream disturbance permit. This permit can be obtained from the SWCD in some counties, but may require an NYSDEC permit.

The local Soil & Water Conservation District is trained to provide guidance and assistance when dealing with erosion control problems while helping navigate the laws and regulations that govern creeks and streams throughout New York State.


NYDEC Stream Disturbance Permit Information

Listing of New York County Soil and Water Conservation Districts

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