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Are there Best Management Practice (BMP) guides on invasive species control available and written with public works
and highway departments in mind?

Yes! The following are some links to BMP resources on
invasive species control for local highway departments:

New Hampshire Department of Transportation
Best Management Practices for Roadside Invasive Plants, 2008

Invasive Species Best Management Practices for Transportation
and Utility Right-of-Ways, New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) 

Virginia Department of Transportation (VTrans) State Highway System Roadside Terrestrial Invasive Plants Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Cornell Local Roads Program (CLRP) Nuggets & Nibbles Spring 2009 Article “Invasive Plants on Our Roadsides,” by Melissa Toni, NYSDOT Environmental Protection Specialist

CLRP Stop NY Invasive Smart Phone Application

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