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Are there any rules, regulations or requirements for how many hours a day a municipal worker with a CDL can plow a highway?


There is no written requirement for municipal snow plow operators, but if a driver crashes, the amount of time they have been driving may be an important point if there is any liability or legal issues involved. Although a maximum time of 10 hours of operation is the limitation set in the Federal CDL Law, municipal snowplow and related equipment operators are not engaged in “Interstate Commerce,” so this portion of the law does not apply to snow and ice control operations.

However, as a matter of common sense, overly fatigued workers should not be operating equipment. Some agencies do, as a matter of policy, limit operational hours. For example, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) requires drivers to take 8 hours off after 16 continuous hours of operational duty.



Cornell Local Roads Program – Snow and Ice Control Manual 



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