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Can we put a concrete barrier across a closed bridge to keep vehicles from going around our Type III barricade?

When a problem like this occurs, it would be important to look at the entire closure including the detour. First, determine if the detour is set up properly and is not too long to go around. It is also possible that the detour does not give adequate guidance.

If you are looking to further restrict access to the structure it is possible to place a fixed barrier (such as a concrete one) beyond the Type III barricade, but ONLY if you provide the necessary buffer space between the Type III barricade and the concrete barrier. The buffer space would be based on the speed of traffic on the road to a point of full stop. Buffer distances can be found in the CLRP Work Zone Pocket Guide ( on page 10. These are the same as in Table NY2C-4 Guidelines for Advance Placement of Warning Signs from the NYS Supplement to the MUTCD.

The additional signs and the buffer distance should give adequate warning and adequate stopping distance should someone go through the initial barricade. It is strongly recommended to work with a licensed professional engineer or the County engineer when planning and implementing such barricades to keep the public safe and protect the municipality from potential liability.


CLRP Work Zone Safety Pocket Guide (pdf)


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