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Where can I find a simple specification so I can add a wedge joint or safety edge to my paving contracts?

Picture of a highway crew laying pavement with a safety edge.Chemung County has been using a simple specification successfully for 10 years.

Here is the language they use for centerline and shoulder wedges in their paving specifications:


Unless otherwise allowed in writing by Owner, pavers:

    1. Shall be equipped with longitudinal joint maker to pre-compact the centerline pavement joint in a “Michigan wedge” configuration or equivalent.
    2. Shall be equipped with a longitudinal shoulder wedge maker to pre-compact the pavement edge at 30-degrees.

    As the Public Works Commissioner, Andrew Avery, PE, says, “The spec has worked for us, particularly the shoulder wedge, as it is often weeks or longer before we can shoulder the new pavements.  The centerline wedge is particularly good when we don’t complete both passes of paving in the same day, plus it creates a great joint that doesn’t split apart.”

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