New York State Local Technical Assistance Program

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Is there any legal information on the placement of basketball hoops or other sporting equipment on or near the public Right of Way? (9/14/21)

Monarch Butterflies begin their annual fall migration in mid-August. What are some things I we can do to help monarchs at the local highway level? (9/1/21)

We have a soon to be dedicated road that was designed, and approved with light pole bases placed 2-feet from curb. However, in the final construction, the light pole bases are only 9 inches from curb. What are the regulations for a minimum distance from a curb on a town road? (8/19/21)

We have a 700 ft local road that will soon be dedicated as a town road, the speed limit is currently 15 mph; can we leave it at 15 mph when the road is dedicated to the town? (7/28/21)

I am looking to remove a Y-intersection on one of our roads and I have a resident who doesn't like the idea of the T-intersection being installed. Do you have any supporting information on why the T-intersection would be safer and better? (7/19/21)

What does a village need to do to prohibit parking in front of a ramp that provides access to the sidewalk (and is not at an intersection). (7/1/21)

How close should the distributor be to the chipper in a chip seal application? (6/17/21)

The Public Rights-of-Way Accessibility Guidelines (PROWAG) guidance document referenced in the recent ADA workshop appears to be a draft. Is this a draft and where can I find the most current version? (6/3/21)

If we repair or update a ramp at one corner of an intersection, do we have to update every ramp? (5/13/21)

I would like to start a bicyclist safety campaign in my area, and I am looking for some ideas and materials to get me started. (5/5/21)

I have to hire some new employees and I need to find some sample interview questions that I can ask candidates. Where can I find some good questions specifically for local highway and public works positions? (4/15/21)

I have a question regarding the use of gutters as a stormwater conveyance structures. This question arises out of a bicyclist slipping on some ice at an intersection in which stormwater had frozen. Is there anything in writing that would withstand legal scrutiny that defines gutters as  stormwater conveyance structures? (4/1/21)

I have received complaints about landscaping trucks parking on roads while they are servicing lawns for long periods of time. What are the regulations or procedures that govern the use and obstruction of public roads for private business activities such as landscaping?  (3/10/21)

Where can I find a simple chart to help me calibrate my salt spreader? (2/18/21)

The New York State Department of State (DOS) has a local law database where you can find sample laws. (2/11/21)

Where can I find information on performing simple traffic studies for items such as stop sign placement or traffic counts? (2/4/21)

I have developed a Snow and Ice Policy and presented it to my town board. Does the board need to adopt the policy or just “support” it? (1/28/21)

Does the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) require the use of diamond grade vinyl for stop signs, stop ahead signs, and/or double arrow signs? (12/1/20)

Can a Municipality use an intersection as part of a turnaround for a boat launch? (11/10/20)

Can an elected highway superintendent of one town work for a highway department of another town as a highway employee? (10/19/20)

What are some first steps and resources that can get me started with evaluating and managing my guiderail assets? (9/15/20)

What are the requirements for permanently posting a road for weight? (8/20/20)

Can we use signs with LEDs in the border to enhance conspicuity? (8/13/20)

What is the risk over overspray from herbicide application? (8/5/20)

Where can I find a simple specification so I can add a wedge joint or safety edge to my paving contracts? (7/23/20)

How do I adjust the asphalt emulsion rate for various surfaces when placing a chip seal? (7/21/20)

During the Full Depth Reclamation process, when is calcium (or another stabilizer) supposed to be applied? (7/9/20)

Are there any publications available on Culvert Flushing? (6/30/20)

Is there a way to submit CHIPS and other state reimbursement requests via email? (6/26/20)

Have the guidelines for the use of state owned rights-of-way (ROW) changed in any way as a result of the current COVID-19 crisis? (6/25/20)

Have CHIPS/PAVE NY allocations for FY 2020/20201
been reduced?

Can we put a concrete barrier across a closed bridge to keep vehicles from going around our Type III barricade? (6/8/20)

How do I post or assign a speed limit on a dead-end road? (5/27/20)

How do I obtain cloth or surgical masks for my employees who have to interact with the public? (4/21/20)

Are Highway Department Employees essential in light of the 50% reduction of staff due to COVID-19? (4/2/20)

Where can I find sample “piggybacking” contract language that my municipality can use? (3/5/20)

Are rumble strips considered traffic control devices and, if so, does the MUTCD govern their design, spacing, etc.? (2/20/20)

What signs should we replace first? (2/13/20)

Can you mount a county route marker on the same post as a speed limit sign? (1/22/20)

Where can I find a sample policy or public notice about winter maintenance mailbox damage? (1/9/20)


Can a town designate a town road: “No Through Traffic - Local Traffic Only”? (12/6/19)

Can street name signs be installed on the same post as a STOP sign? (11/25/19)

Where can I find information listing what safety equipment is required for my staff? (11/14/19)

I am a town highway superintendent and I have a newly reconstructed road where I want to post a weight limit of 15 tons. The road is being used as a short cut by tractor trailers and I want them to stay on the main state roads. What would be the process for establishing this weight limit? (10/23/19)

I would like a stop sign installed at an intersection I think is dangerous. What is the process for requesting the installation of a stop sign at an intersection near a school?  (10/16/19)

I have a local citizen who is demanding that a town road be striped. I disagree with this person because I do not see a need but what standards or regulations should I cite when communicating my opinion? (10/9/19)

What are the recommended advanced posting distances for Deaf Child Area signs? (10/2/19)

We currently install base posts, lap splice joints and a sign post for all signage. According to page 14 paragraph 3 of the 2010 FHWA Guide  “Maintenance of Signs and Sign Supports” a "A U-channel post of re-rolled rail steel weighing 3 pounds-per-foot or less meets breakaway requirements by itself.” Is that still an acceptable standard for breakaways? (9/25/19)

Who or what determines the responsibilities of a shared road between two municipalities? (9/17/19)

What are the dimensions that must be maintained for a clear path regarding vegetation and obstacles along a highway? (9/11/19)

Are there anygood sources of information about how I can protect my workers from ticks when they are out working in the field? (8/28/19)

Are there any rules, regulations or requirements for how many hours a day a municipal worker with a CDL can plow a highway? (7/17/19)

Are there Best Management Practice (BMP) guides on invasive species control available and written with public works and highway departments in mind? (6/19/19)

Is parking allowed across the street parallel to the opening end of a T intersection? (6/13/19)

Can a town Highway Superintendent appoint a foreman within the department to the position of Deputy Highway Superintendent where the foremen would be serving in both capacities at the same time? (5/2/19)

Are there any regulations or guidelines regarding how far a salt storage barn should be located from a stream or waterway? (4/24/19)

If my department identifies additional miles of road under our jurisdiction that were not previously accounted for, how is this mileage acknowledged, verified, and accounted for when we apply for CHIPS funding? (4/18/19)

Is there any standard policy available pertaining to plowing and salting railroad grade crossings? (4/4/19)

If I have a gravel road that has no structures, driveways, or easements on it, and is designated as a Seasonal Limited Use Highway, can I barricade it during frost-thaw months to restrict access to vehicles that would damage the road? (3/27/19)

What is the new Excavator Certification Training and who needs to be certified? (2/19/19)

Where can I find resources or workshops for engineers that deal with superpave mix designs? (2/13/19)

Where can I go to find resources on sexual harassment laws, policies, and training? (1/23/19)

Can a municipality have different color cones for work zones so different departments can identify which cones are theirs? (1/16/19)

Do horse riders have the-right-of-way at a highway crossing? (1/8/19)


Are there any resources that can summarize the program and training requirements of the PESH standards that typically apply to highway and Public Works Departments? (12/11/18)

Are municipal employees typically allowed to use municipally owned dump trucks and trailers for the purpose of completing their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) A and B road test? (12/6/18)

If a village installs electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on public parking lots where parking enforcement regulations apply, are there any standards for pavement markings for the charging station areas? For example, should we use green paint for markings? (11/15/18)

Are purple and white acceptable colors for a village to choose for a village trail sign? (11/7/18)

Can I put any design or collection of art treatments in a crosswalk as long as the transverse white lines are present? (9/12/18)

Does the MUTCD allow intersection murals or widespread application of artwork to the street? (8/29/18)

What options do I have to improve safety and awareness for a blind resident who must cross a roundabout in my town? (8/23/18)

Can a village speed limit be set to 25 mph? (8/14/18)

When are curve and turn signs required? (8/8/18)

Who has to authorize the placement of traffic lines for passing and no passing zones on a town highway? (7/31/18)

Can a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) eliminate the power of the Highway Superintendent to hire as the Superintendent sees fit? (7/3/18)

Where can I find chainsaw training resources
in NYS?

Should road striping be paid for out of the Highway Department’s General Fund? (6/20/18)

Is there a simple way to know when a crew can clean a ditch on private property that is fed by a road crossing pipe? (6/11/18)

Why do I need to use personal protective equipment (PPE) and what are the best ways to use them? (5/30/18)

Do Villages have their own version of the Office of the Town Highway Superintendent or “Red Book?” (5/23/18)

Can we still use our old “Men Working” signs until they wear out before we need to switch to the newer "Road Work Ahead" signs? (5/16/18)

Is there a law that allows a municipal highway department to remove trees, brush, and vegetation along the right of way area of a road and/or are there any regulations or laws that protect trees along the right of way, thus prohibiting a municipality from removing trees? (5/9/18)

What resources are available for property owners who have problems with stream bank erosion on their land? (4/26/18)

Does a highway superintendent have to publically advertise a vacancy for a position even if they already know of a person who is interested and would be a good fit for theposition? (3/29/18)

Are date and initial stickers required on all signs as opposed to just stop signs? (3/19/18)

Can a public entity apply some or all of their violation fines toward the remediation of a particular hazard or condition? (3/12/18)

I participate in the NYS Office of General Services Road Salt Contract, who do I contact if I am having issues with delivery delays or poor salt quality? (3/5/18)

I have heard that NYSDOT is removing X-lite guiderail terminals because of concerns that they may be dangerous. What, if anything, should I be doing? (2/6/18)

What is procurement piggybacking and when is it allowed? (2/6/18)

Can someone be the town highway superintendent of one town but live in a different town? (1/30/18)

Are town boards in charge of what type of regulatory, warning, informational, or guide signs are placed and where they are installed? (1/22/18)

It appears that the New York State supplement to the MUTCD does not provide any information about whether a fluorescent red or orange flag may be used for traffic control. Can you clarify? (1/16/18)

I have some questions regarding drainage easements on a piece of property, where can I find resources that can provide me some answers? (1/10/18)


Where can I find information on road closures and travel advisories statewide?

Are you aware of any resource where I can obtain comparable information about municipal roads for other municipalities in NY? (12/6/2017)

It looks like there is a conflict between the 2009 MUTCD and the Traffic Sign Handbook on speed reduction and the correct use of the W2-5 (reduced speed limit) sign. Can you clarify? (11/27/2017)

Where can I find guides on budgeting and planning for my highway department? (11/13/17)

What do we do if we receive a red flag on a bridge inspection (and what does it mean)? (10/23/17)

When preparing a 284 agreement, do I include Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program (CHIPS) dollars as money to be spent? (10/9/2017)

Where can I find publically available budget and expenditure data for my highway department? (10/2/17)

What are the drug and alcohol testing requirements for DOT CDL drivers? (9/25/17)

Where do I find New York State case law? (9/18/17)

What is the maximum recommended angle for an intersection? (9/14/17)

Where can I find seasonal snowfall records
for regions within New York State?

When damage is caused to a highway by a private contractor due to their equipment not utilizing proper pavement protections, who is liable and responsible for damages? (8/10/17)

Where can I compare highway fatality rates by states, region or MPO? (6/28/17)

What performance level is needed for high-visibility safety apparel in a work zone? (6/20/17)

Do I have to follow MUTCD? (6/9/17)

Why do chip seals fail? (6/5/2017)

Do I have to put our town insignia on our trucks? (5/23/2017)

When can a single flagger be used? (5/18/2017)

Where does the centerline start and stop at an intersection? (4/26/2017)

Do snow plow drivers have to obey the vehicle and traffic law? (4/20/2017)

Where can I find information on crash modification factors? (4/13/2017)

Is the size of the double arrow sign (W1-7) changing? (4/3/2017)

What is the minimum height of a sign? (2/15/2017)

What signs are allowed since FLAGGER (W20-7a) & WORKERS (W21-1a) signs shall not be used in New York State according to the NYS Supplement? (2/7/2017)

How do I use a roundabout? (1/202017)

How can I get a quick estimate of traffic volume on my highways?

Are Deaf Child and Blind Child Area signs limited to children?


Can a village board lower the weight limit allowed on a street? (9/29/2016)

Should I use my personal email account for highway business? (9/20/2016)

What does a blinking left arrow mean? (8/17/2016)

What are the NYS requirements for a municipality to remove an existing sign? (7/28/2016)

Does the board need to pass a resolution to authorize the highway department to spend the additional money of PAVE NY program? (5/5/2016)

Where do I find guides for placarding hazardous materials on a truck? (4/27/2016)

How do I calculate the percentage of asphalt in a mix? (4/19/2016)

How do I change the allowable weight limit on a bridge? (4/14/2016)

What is the difference between no parking, no standing, and no stopping? (4/8/2016)

What are ways to protect against trench cave-ins? (3/31/2016)

Where can I find a Temporary Easement form? (3/25/16)

Are we allowed to put 12 inch high street signs (D3-1) on top of a stop sign (R1-1), or should they be put on a separate post? (3/18/16)

What can the Town Highway Superintendent do when the Town Board eliminates an employee position from the highway crew? (3/11/16)

Does a municipality have to go to bid to purchase a used vehicle? (3/6/2016)

How close can a residential driveway be to an intersection? (2/25/2016)

Is there a specific regulation that sets a timer for the replacement of downed signs? (2/18/2016)

Can we use three flags to improve “Conspicuity” on our road signs? (2/15/2016)

What is a clear definition of a “Clear Zone”? (2/5/2016)

What is the Present Serviceability Index (PSI)? (1/13/2016)

How can I find out the official functional class of a highway? (1/4/2016)


What is the limit for idling a truck? (12/10/2015)

How do I sign/stripe a parking space for persons with disabilities on the street? (11/17/2015)

What sign should be used when all trucks are banned from a highway? (11/6/2015)

Can municipalities be compelled to replace their signs to meet the new retroreflectivity standards? (10/23/2015)

Is it better to turn off your computer when you’re not using it, or leave it on all the time? (10/16/2015)

What does the board have to do to use the “Best Value” method for purchasing? (10/9/2015)

Are “Turn Around Don’t Drown” signs allowed in New York State? (9/25/2015)

Can we use existing rustic box beam in stock to replace rusting rustic box beam? (9/21/2015)

What are some Best Practices that should be considered when applying a Tack Coat? (9/11/2015)

What should be done if someone gets burned by hot liquid asphalt? (9/4/2015)

Why should I use Tack Coat and is it worth the extra cost? (8/28/2015)

Is it acceptable to use other descriptions for driveway entrance plaques (NYW5-16P, NYW5-17) than the “Hospital” and “Fire House” mentioned in the NYS Supplement? (8/21/2015)

What is the easiest way to retire a right of way when both the Town and the adjacent landowners wish to abandon it? (8/14/2015)

What permit processes should the Town have in place to handle new, buried private utilities that cross under the road? (8/10/2015)

What does the Board need to do in order to have the Highway Department install a mid-block crosswalk? (7/2/2015)

When can a W1-1a or W1-2a horizontal alignment warning sign combining horizontal warning AND advisory speed be used? (6/26/2015)

How wide should a bicycle lane be? (6/18/2015)

Are two-way bicycle lanes allowed on highways? (6/12/2015)

Is it true that we have to start using a new handicap sign? (6/8/2015)

What are the requirements for the use of roll up speed limit signs used in work zones? (5/29/2015)

When do I have to call 811? (5/22/2015)

Can the Police Chief create a ‘Police Parking Only’ spot near the Police Station? (5/15/2015)

When is it acceptable to post more than one sign on a single post? (5/8/2015)

How far apart should signs be placed along the highway? (4/24/2015)

What signs can be used to alert drivers to bicycles using the highway? (4/17/2015)

When should I use warning signs for bikes, pedestrians, buggies, or other non-typical highway use? (4/14/2015)

Can a 284 Agreement be changed after it has been approved? (4/3/2015)

Is there a law about home owners putting markers along the roads to keep snow plows off the shoulders? (3/27/2015)

Are the amounts under Permanent Improvements the total of the anticipated state aid? (i.e. CHIPS) (3/20/2015)

Can a private landowner plow a seasonal road to access his property? (3/13/2015)

In preparing a 284 Agreement, is the amount under General Repairs for materials only? (3/6/2015)

Do unreported accidents count toward the accident history warrant, or do only reported accidents count? (2/27/2015)

What are the regulations regarding Building Permits, Zoning Regulations, and Peddler Restrictions on signs at the entry into a town? (2/20/2015)

Where is a good source for financial information for Town Highway Superintendents? (2/13/2015)

Is it better to place cobbles or sand directly on an weak subgrade? (2/6/2015)

Does a smooth bore pipe have more capacity to carry water than a corrugated pipe? (1/30/2015)

Do municipal trucks need to have fire extinguishers? (1/20/2015)

Who set speed limits on local highways? (1/6/2015)


What are the snow disposal responsibilities for property owners? (12/20/2014)

What is the traffic volume cut off between high-volume and low volume? (12/5/2014)

How do I determine who owns a piece of property? (11/14/2014)

What is the rule of thumb for roadside ditch depth? (11/10/2014)

Are strobe lights allowed in red signals? (10/31/2014)

Who is responsible for clearing brush at an intersection owned by two different municipalities? (10/24/2014)

Can a CDL driver go back to safety-sensitive work after a post-accident alcohol and drug test, but before the results are known? (10/17/2014)

Where can I find legal opinions of the NYS Comptroller? (10/10/2014)

What are the rules for Seasonal Limited Use Highways (10/3/2014)

How do I sign a skewed RR crossing which can cause problems for bikes and motor cycles? (9/30/2014)

Is there a requirement that the doctor doing the examination for a CDL license be certified? (9/19/2014)

How thick should the gravel be on a reconstructed road? (9/14/2014)

Does creating a plan to deal with highway design or safety defects or accommodation issues increase liability? (9/5/2014)

Where can we find that Piggybacking memo mentioned at the Highway School? (8/29/2014)

Are highway departments considered ‘first responders’ by Homeland Security? (8/22/2014)

Does a town have an obligation to remove diseased trees on roads on the town's right of way? (8/15/2014)

Can I put a painted stop line at a yield sign location? (8/82014)

What is the most efficient way to fill potholes? (8/1/2014)

Can I paint a single yellow stripe down the center of a highway just for guidance? (7/25/2014)

Is a Highway Department permitted to put up a NO PARKING ON PAVEMENT sign without a sidewalk district? (7/18/2014)

What are the sign regulations for attaching a NO LITTERING sign to a speed limit sign post? (7/11/2014)

What should I use to seal a driveway? (7/3/2014)

What is the ‘Red Book’ that Highway Superintendents should have in their library and how do I obtain a copy? (6/27/2014)

What training and certification is needed for flaggers? (6/25/2014)

What do I have to do to meet the sign retroreflectivity standard that goes into effect on June 13, 2014? (6/16/2014)

What am I required to do concerning notification, barriers etc. if I have to close a road temporarily? (6/9/2014)

What are the proper ways to sign one or more parking spaces for persons with disabilities? (5/21/2014)

How do I get reimbursements for work done under CHIPS and the new Winter Recovery Fund? (5/8/2014)

What is the lettering height and spacing for a Political Boundary sign (NYI12-2)? (5/2/2014)

Where can I find information about improving curve safety? (4/25/2014)

What are the requirements for a roadside mailbox? (4/11/2014)

A residential area wants a “speed hump” or “ speed table.” What are they? (4/4/2014)

Why can’t I use a Slow Moving Vehicle Triangle to mark the end of my driveway? (3/28/2014)

What is an Erwin Plan Road? (3/21/2014)

What is the proper layout and placement for a stop sign and street sign on a single post? (3/13/2014)

What is the proper technique for filling potholes? (3/7/2014)

Can CHIPS funding be used to develop an asset or pavement management plan? (2/18/2014)

Why do we need to mow grass lined ditches? (2/7/2014)

When does the price of salt automatically increase when using the State OGS bid? (1/31/2014)

Can we put a yield sign to warn drivers to yield when turning left at a sharp intersection? (1/20/2014)

What is the width of a bike lane? (1/2/2014)


What is the distance between speed limit signs? (12/13/2013)

Can you mark road shoulders as bike lanes? (11/14/2013)

What is the size of a parking lot stall? (11/4/2013)

How much latitude does a Town have in "adjusting" the width of Main Street as part of a comprehensive plan? (10/22/2013)

Does the type of street (Street, Avenue, Road …) have to be on a Street Name Sign? (10/14/2013)

What are work zone traffic control standards in New York State? (10/7/2013)

When do you need to install ADA compliant curb ramps as part of a pavement resurfacing project? (9/30/2013)

Where can I find specifications for installing plastic culvert pipe (HDPE)? (9/17/2013)

What are the fines for using electronic devices while driving? (8/30/2013)

Where can I find information on gravel road maintenance? (8/7/2013)

What should I do if there is a mud slide affecting my highway? (7/30/2013)

What are the requirements for a public hearing before paving a Town highway? (7/5/2013)

Who sets work week schedule; the Town board or Highway Superintendent? (7/2/2013)

Who is responsible to remove a tree when it falls into a stream? (6/21/2013)

Where can I find out how much my municipality will get in CHIPS funds? (6/6/2013)

What are the critical dates for Town Highway Departments? (5/31/2013)

What roads need to have Dead End Road signs? (5/22/2013)

Can I change a two-way road to a one-way road? (4/24/2013)

Is it necessary to reclaim by grinding a very poor surface before placing a new gravel base or surface? (4/17/2013)

Why do I have to bury the base of a silt fence? (4/8/2013)

Is the S4-5a sign is still used? (3/31/2013)

When do we need to install silt fence? (3/18/2013)

If the advisory speed (say 55 mph) equals the posted speed limit (55 mph), do you have to place a horizontal curve warning sign? (3/8/2013)

I don't live in a watershed; why do I need to worry about stormwater management? (2/27/2013)

Can I use CHIPS monies for crack repairs? (2/19/2013)

What drug and alcohol tests are required for a CDL license? (2/14/2013)

What can a municipality do about someone dumping snow onto a highway?(2/7/2013)

Can I use my old steel barrels and homemade wooden barricades in a work zone? (1/15/2013)

Can Town Highway Superintendent plow a public official's driveway? (1/9/2013)


Where should Dead End Road signs be placed? (12/10/2012)

Where can I find geometric design standards for roads and street? (11/19/2012)

How do I back up my computer? (11/12/2012)

Where would I find a standard rental rate for various highway equipment? (11/05/2012)

What is the width of road? (10/30/2012)

What is Cold-in-place recycling and what are its advantages? (10/16/2012)

Which Tack Coat material should I use for an asphalt overlay? (10/09/2012)

What is a Cape Seal and how is it compared to other Surface Treatments? (10/03/2012)

Where can I find out more information on rumble strips? (9/26/2012)

Where can I find the latest adjustments for asphalt and fuel prices on State bids? (9/11/2012)

How do I know if there is enough sight distance at an intersection? (8/27/2012)

Where can I use the Clearview font? (8/14/2012)

Where can I find out the functional classification of a particular highway? (7/9/2012)

What do I do at a traffic signal when the power is out? (5/21/2012)

Why are stops signs not recommended for speed control? (5/7/2012)

How should I answer the phone? (4/30/2012)

Where can I find a specification for a product or service? (4/23/2012)

Can I use an “Autistic Child” warning sign in New York? (4/9/2012)

Are there any requirements for how many and how bright yellow (amber) flashing lights are to be on work trucks? (04/02/2012)

What constitutes a Federal off-system bridge or road? (3/26/2012)

How does the new “Move Over” law apply to highway personnel? (3/19/2012)

What are the changes to the Professional Development Hour (PDH) requirements for professional engineers and surveyors? (3/12/2012)

Is it true that they are no longer making Marshall Mix? (3/5/2012)

What is the definition of a highway? (2/27/2012)

What is the proper placement of the Railroad Advanced Warning Sign? (2/20/2012)

What is the status of the MUTCD compliance date changes proposed in the Summer 2011? (2/13/2012)

Who is responsible for the placement and maintenance of Advanced Warning signs for railroad crossings? (6/2/2012)

Are the requirements for crashworthiness posts to be changed with the proposed revision to the MUTCD? (1/30/2012)

What is the status of the “Children at Play” sign? (1/23/2012)

Do warning signs near a school need to be fluorescent yellow/green or can they stay yellow? (1/9/2012)

Are there any laws that address the placement of snow onto the sidewalks after the town has cleared them? (1/3/2012)


Does the law about cell phone usage and texting apply to government workers? (12/19/2011)

What is the “Safety Edge” and why should we use it? (11/16/2011)

Our community is interested in learning more about shared lane markings, aka "sharrows", as a tool to help motorists and bicyclists share the road safely. What can you tell us about them? (10/7/2011)

I heard many of the new requirements of the 2009 National MUTCD are being eliminated. Is this true? (9/1/2011)

Where should I put 911 emergency or grid address numbers on a street sign? (8/3/2011)

What is the speed limit when there is no posting (no signs)? (8/2/2011)

What is the minimum size for a Stop sign? Can I use 24 inch signs I have in stock? (8/1/2011)

Are there new sizes for work zone signs? (5/2/2011)

We are looking to reduce costs for some culvert replacement this spring, where can we find some savings with material(s)? Is it OK to backfill culverts with the same material we dug out from around the old pipe? (5/2/2011)

What traffic control is required in a night time work zone? (5/2/2011)

Are there minimum retroreflectivity requirements for pavement markings? If so, what are the expected standards? (5/2/2011)

Can we use flags to control traffic? (3/9/2011)

Where can I find the proper distances for the advance placement of warning signs? (3/2/2011)

What is the text on Reduced Speed Limit Ahead Signs? (2/28/2011)

Who hires office workers for the Highway Department? (2/28/2011)


What are the dollar amounts for when sealed bids are required? (10/11/2010)

What can I use to clean paving equipment other than diesel fuel? (9/30/2010)

How late into the Fall can I do paving, and how early can I start in the Spring? (9/30/2010)

What can we do to stop beavers from clogging up our culverts? (9/30/2010)

We have a low-volume local road that was reconstructed two years ago. It is now showing cracks in the center of the travel lane, running parallel to the edge of the road. What should we do? (9/20/2010)

I am in an MS4 regulated area, do I need to apply for NYS DEC Permits? (8/25/2010)

When are retroreflective strips on sign supports required? (8/25/2010)

We have been digging from our material pit for years, do we need a mining permit? (8/24/2010)

When do sign posts have to meet the new standards for crashworthiness? (7/6/2010)

Can the Town Board assign to the Highway Superintendent the duty of collecting trash? If so, it that a Highway or General Fund Charge? (6/25/2010)

Can I replace my 24-inch corrugated pipe with a 21-inch smooth bore plastic pipe? (6/14/2010)

Does a flagger have to wear a vest? (5/17/2010)

Can I use my old signs even if they do not meet the requirements of the new 2009 National MUTCD? (4/2/2010)

What is the minimum size and colors allowed for Street Name Signs? (4/22/2010)

Do I really have to use chevrons and curves on every turn with a change in speed of 15 mph or more? (4/22/2010)

Which National MUTCD should be followed in New York State? (1/22/2010)


I have a bunch of old signs in inventory. Can I use them even though the designations have changed? (12/09/2009)

What it the proper layout for a new sign? (12/09/2009)

Where can I acquire a copy of the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law (the V&T)? (11/19/2009)

What are the proper pavement markings in advance of a Railroad Crossing? (11/19/2009)

Should all crosswalks be painted? (9/29/2009)

What are the requirements for breakaway hardware for sign posts on rural roads? (9/10/2009)

What are the requirements for safety vests in the right-of-way? (8/27/2009)

Are work zone signs required to be retroreflective? (8/12/2009)

Are signs and sign hardware general fund items? (8/12/2009)

Where can I get a copy of the 284 Agreement? (6/26/2009)

Are work zone traffic control templates available? (5/27/2009)

What is the Highway Right-of-Way? (3/11/2009)

Do County Route markers (MI-6) need to be high-intensity? (3/11/2009)

Can we keep using our older metal Work Zone signs? (2/18/2009)

When and where is it appropriate to use an in-street pedestrian crossing sign? (2/18/2009)

What is a Heater-Scarifier? (2/10/2009)

What are the minimum traffic volumes for using multiway stop signs? (2/2/2009)

What do Windchill and Heat Index temperatures mean? (1/23/2009)

Where do I find State/OGS Bids? (1/16/2009)

What color is a "Cross Traffic Does Not Stop" sign? (1/16/2009)

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